• Tev

    HA! them niggas funny

  • Real Talk.

    Wayne got old, I admit . I mean it was just a matter of time till people got tired of the over saturation of his music and talking about the same shit all the time just in different ways? But come to think of it isn’t that what all these rappers do? How many verses can Pusha T go w/o making a reference to slanging? Rozay too.
    But if I were Pusha T, I’d quit hating on Wayne and focus on my solo career. I mean he got bars and all but truth be told, even a song with Jay-Z will not make Pusha T as relevant as or more relevant that Wayne, shit he’s been in the game longer than Big Sean but Big Sean is more relevant than he is.

  • Midsize Jerm

    That B.I.G. shit is stupid as fuck, son gotta stop jockin’. He’s building an image, getting bigger (pun intended) everyday (somehow). He’s got more adlibs than anybody, boi. Last thing the world needs is him using a classic adlib. Just stop.


  • Loaded

    Always trying to start shit. how random was that question? And the fact that Pusha listens to lil wayne is hilarious

  • SpaceGhostBlacc

    Pusha needs to focus on him smh, where your album at lol?

  • John Cusack

    Was that the guy from Hell on Wheels in the background?

  • Kobe

    Spaceghost exactly! And him admitted to listening to Wayne’s mixtape? I guess he’s a fan.

  • BoyWonda25

    Come on this is hip hop they suppose to have witty lines on the everyday subject money cars and hoes…it’s just that Wayne ain’t that witty no more and he admit it

  • i notice little sean is starting to change up his attitude in interviews and what not…

  • nardWUAR called you out on your anti drug and sex lyrics and you was titeeeeeee..bwoiiiii..lololol

  • Rfoster

    I want flex or ciph to ask sen about his new ring. I’m not the conspiracy dude or anything but… comon son what’s the deal? Did ya’ll notice? why would be all defensive to illuminati talk and then PURPOSELY play into it. then these punks don’t even ask him about it. If it was a diamond that big or any other new huge piece they would have asked about it. I don’t think theilluminati is a REAL thing but these are obviously symbols rooted in satanic cultures. what’s the deal. I’m not blind homie. and it’s not cool. just make G.O.O.D music, this other stuff aint cool. I also feel like Pusha is a little tight about Sean being on his 2nd good music album and he don’t hae his first one yet. That why (I think) he left them hangin on the freestyle session with Flex.

  • Rfoster

    my bad for the spelling errors.

  • bobclap

    yo stop hating on big sean had a good mixtape better than wayne and his album is going to kill it black on black hating support your own demmmm

  • Yo Mamma

    That ring is a representation of the Detroit tiger. No need drawing unfounded conclusions.

  • Seems like this whole show is built on creating drama. Ciph and Rosenberg, and that lady i dunno her name, ask the dumbest shit… You get to ask Big Sean a question, aaaaaannny question, and you ask him what he thinks of Lil Wayne’s mixtape??? Fuck Outta Heeeere!!

  • Brendan74

    @ John Cusack. Tell me that was a joke.

    Why Common so silent..