• Faded

    Kendrick is one of the those few people who actually take pride in just their music,, like his album cover and his videos actually mean something, and not a bunch of niggas throwing money with a bunch of bitches

  • Bundee

    My man here is going to make me purchase an actual hard copy of his upcoming project…#TDE

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  • JJ

    I fux wit Kendrick but I dont really buy into the perfect, innocent angel image. He got bars, but he can be too judgemental at times, maybe its just me

  • Black Shady

    last album I copped was Cole’s debut, im definitely coppin Kdot’s debut in a month

  • Cz

    What you mean perfect innocent angel?? Just cause a dude is educated and actually has meaning to his raps??

  • we had this kid volunteer and he does music. his beats are out this world thoght maybe kendrick would sound alright on them http://soundcloud.com/love_at_first_sound/beats

  • Devante

    When did K-Dot try to be “Angel” he talk about money, hoes and clothes just like the next nigga

  • M.T

    kendrick is a real dude. I didnt like the cover at first but now after hearing him explain the meaning and reason for it, I understand. Really looking forward to that album. Also Swimming Pools is my shit!

  • picky

    Kendrick Lamar > Tupac Shakur

  • thanks for the love!! make sure you all get that when it drops!!

  • Despite


    Thas some bold shit right there.

  • looky here

    but I wonder how he feels about most of his fans being corny fanboy dickriders …