Murda Mook vs. Iron Solomon At Summer Madness 2

And now for the main event. Murda Mook came outta retirement last month and took on Iron Solomon at Summer Madness 2. Five rounds. One hour. Let’s get it!

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  • Gambino

    Do people actually pay for this on PPV?

  • JOHNYblaze

    IMA watch it take it back to middle school watching freestyle battles. CONCEITED is nice too now adays

  • JOHNYblaze

    HOLY SHIT TOO damn thats crazy MOOK went in on THAT fact!! they BEEN doing this shit over near a decade

  • Black Shady

    finally!!!! imma watch it nowwwwww.

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  • FTW

    Let’s Go ! ! ! ! Thanks Smack

  • Nickey Negrito

    From what im seeing Mook is definitely winning this…..EASY!

    Im still watching and Iron is getting booed…..

  • Nickey Negrito

    He beat that ass

    Mook is a beast still!

  • This was like watching a snuff film.It was like Mook was a German and Iron was a……
    Loch kendrick Lamar Swimming Pools(Drank) freestyle video Dir. by @Snake…: via @youtube

  • Crash_HighGuys

    whelp….mook bodied this dude

  • JT

    Mook bodied this, and Im a Solomon fan.

    The Zimmerman speech wasn’t necessary, though. Overkill, much?

  • Nickey Negrito

    @JT, at least it was addressed. Most rappers ignore these topics. Mook spoke on Yusef Hawkins, who i had forgot about and he spoke on Emmet Till(if i’m not mistaking). It was well orchestrated.

    Mook and Lux bought back that real without all that GUNTALK.

    Iron Mon wasn’t ready but i appreciate the dap he showed Mook at theend.

    The Eminem part was pure genius.

  • Black Shady

    Ouch….Iron got VIOLATED!!!! Mook murdered him….wasnt even tight…….

  • Lethargic1

    Shit was boring as hell. Both were having me nodding to sleep. No one won this battle.

  • ricky

    whut da fuck! iz the crowd stupid or what! solomons bars went over everyones head. the crowd wus payed or sum thing

  • ricky

    sure book won, but it wasnt that “easy” he didnt body him. yal just going with the crowd reaction and not listening for yourself.

  • brl

    Another biased battle.

  • Real Talk.

    Lmao the look on Busta’s face when he said dude only got one ball. Mook murked him shit even Iron Solomon admitted it so how the fuck is that biased?

  • hazz

    Smack should have released this one first because it’s boring as phuck nobody got that work HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • lol they wasn’t even giving that other dude a chance, mook should stick to his battle rappin, his songs really aint gonna be taking seriously, and this wasnt a good look for that solomon dude..

  • bobo dan

    That crowd was dam near booing everybody including clips who wouldve seen that coming. summer madness is like the apollo for battle rappers lol that crowd was brutal. mook did his thang but it wasn’t a classic performance at all. iRon didnt really show up but the crowd made his peeformance look worse than it was.

  • Beloved

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaawn!!! Mook bodied him I’s rather watch paint dry. Where that work @? LodedLux might be the best to ever do it.

  • Iran The Race

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…. dat white boy did look like a racist/george zimmerman tho!

  • I used to love watching freestyle battles back in the day, but now looking at it is depressing. Instead of cats working on their craft, marketing, and concepts, it’s like watching pitbull fights. When they have Battle of the Bands in other genres, you had cats competing and trying to out-innovate each other. Rap is suffering so much, so the battling needs to get downplayed a bit and focused on bringing back that impact we used to have.

  • onenutned

    solomon buried this nigga wit bars,wordplay and personals…..this shit was so biased it’s stupid…mook was aight at best.solomon got suckered into this shit….smack let me down with this.

  • TheTruthIs…

    This was boring as fuck…

  • wayy

    cassidy would kill them all tho.

  • Battle was corny! What the f*** y’all watch?

  • sangano


  • Blue

    I’m a big mook fan even tho he won and had few highlights n da battle it’s was his worst shit by far and one of the boringest battle I ever seen

  • NiGGGa Dis IS JorDaN VersE KERR!!!!!!!!!!!!! DoPe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HoTT NEw sHiT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lol did you see the look on cassidy’s eyes though after some of solomon’s bars, tht pulitzer prize bar tho…

  • It was MEH. Mook clearly won, but after watching the absolute brilliance of Loaded Lux, this sub par battle is severely underwhelming.

  • Showboat

    Brilliance by Loaded Lux???? Dude forgot like his whole first verse

  • Studio Leaks

    Boring as fuck battle… Battle rap is dead if you think this is nice.

  • @p0is0nedkoola

    Murder Mook didn’t , Iron Solomon lost. Solomon’s whole “singing” style of battle will never work in Summer Madness. I’m not sure how he doesn’t realize that! He had some good lines, but you can’t hear it over his growling, singing BS that he does

    Murder Mook did nothing but race bait! Using race in a battle against a non black opponent is beyond corny. Serius Jones did that to Jin with all the racist jokes about Asians and what could Jin do. Was he gonna do some Chicken, Basketball, Big Lip jokes in front of black people watching his battle?
    It’s the same thing with Mook, that Zimmerman line was just corny on so many levels. Zimmerman is Puerto Rican! Plus after you rap about “blasting niggas” on every track , now you have a problem with a young black man being shot? GTFOH

    The Loaded Lux vs Calicoe is worth watching over instead of this trash