Mystikal & Birdman In The Lab

Baby watches one of his money makers knock a few tracks out inside Miami’s Hit Factory. Now that Mystiakl is a free man, expect more music coming soon. His Origins mixtape is on the way.

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  • Midsize Jerm

    “Baby watches one of his money makers knock a few tracks inside Miami

  • Daee

    Im not gone lie. Whatever song thats playing in the background of this video is HARD. I hope they push Mystikals shit they way they push their other big name acts. Probably not, but I hope they do.

  • Creep Crept

    Baby wanted to body Mystikal at one point!

    R.I.P. Yella Boi

  • Black Shady

    nobody tryna hear Mystikal in 2012…lets be real

  • we had this kid volunteer and he does music. his beats are out this world thoght maybe birdman would sound alright on them

  • Prisoner of Consciousness

    Birdman has NO personality.

  • BlackAnastasia

    @CreepCrept:You must be from NewOrleans to know that and about YellaBoi.If so just showing hometown Love.I’m 9thWard Desire Projects Ya Heard Me!

  • Creep Crept

    @blackanastasia I lived in the St. Bernard and Iberville 4th Ward. Originally from Texas mane! That’s when New Orleans was on fire with music. UNLV, MR Ivan Lil Slim all that old cash money shit. Ruthless Juveniles L.O.G., PNC G-Slim all that!

  • A lot of those tracks don’t sound too bad at all, but it would hard pressed to sell today’s demographic a Mystikal album. After all, back when Mystikal was hot, he had help (both Nivea and Pharell). Seeing what Drake did for 2Chainz, I feel the Toronto spitter could do the same for Mys. The case he caught ( the one that put him away for years, not the recent) was some bullshit.

  • Frontrunner

    “ya legs too little and ya shirt too big nigga gon to the gym!” – he still got it…

  • BlackAnastasia

    @CreepCrept:Yeah you went way back with GSlim.R.I.P. to dude.Much Respect potna!

  • I dig Mystikals style. I can appreciate his originality being a rapper myself. Dude could always flow if his subj matter catces ppls ear I guess he will be in business

  • -_-

    this aint the 1st time I noticed this but why does the fuck birdman even take the time to roll up some weed and light it up and shit if he AINT gonna be inhaling that shit??? who’s he putting that front on for?? I mean to me that seems like an insecure nigga (especially with AS MUSH $$$ as he got) he shouldn’t have to feel like he gotta prove anything or impress anybody BUT to me it look like he just wanna keep that IMAGE up…..
    Niggas faking for a camera….thats that shit I dont like
    Niggas wasting good weed….thats that shit I fucking hate with a passion!