Upside down cross? Even if you are not religious such things is just asking for attention and i will pass in even trying to give it a listen.


    get this shit the fuck outta here, niggas is desperate for sales so they gotta use blasphemy

  • Amoney

    Put a cross on the right side next to it = Religious 69

  • floridaboy

    the FIRST OK song of d WHOLE WEEK. still shitty

  • YunG based god

    cosign ruthless and hjood. these fools r pathetic

  • Cz

    First off they’ve used the upside down cross forever, ain’t nothin new.

    But I don’t feel MellowHype, beats are fuckin stupid and hodgy can rhyme but he’s all over the place and barely makes sense. Only song I’m really lookin forward to on the album is the one with earl, and only for his verse.

  • earl and hodgy the only ones i really i fuxs with