• http://twitter.com/fooddrive ThreeSquaredFoodDrive

    we had this kid volunteer and he does music. his beats are out this world thoght maybe kiss would sound alright on them http://soundcloud.com/love_at_first_sound/beats

  • LO

    old niggas need to hang it up

  • Evil

    Fuck yeah.Rel rap shit right here.They might be old heads but still better than 90% of the bullshit thats out today.
    LO You better go listen to some radio bullshit

  • Devante

    Damn bad promo…. Album like a this should have way more momentum…

  • JustMyOpinion

    Wow…….this is official.

  • http://7themerson.com 7thEmerson

    This is raw, I like it…..

  • Midsize Jerm

    This some standout and shit and exactly what you wanna hear when you think Wu-Block. Shit got some replay value for sure. Album gotta lot of potential, everything’s been hot so far.


  • brooklynA

    this is fire! these down south niggas need to hang it up nigga!

  • R


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