• King

    Dope video tho…

  • SpaceGhostBlacc

    Warren G cooking on the grill lol, dope shit though

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Wack !

  • Akuma

    ^ and here comes the bitch with hate….GTFOH don’t click on the link

  • man i needa get my blog on the rap radar level lol SALUTE

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @Akuma. Why are you so angry?

  • you cant relly say this video reminds u of nuthin but a thang with a straight face, i bet u cant wtf lol there wasnt no skinny jeans or skating..

  • i no people fuck with skating, but it dont go good with hip hop..forreal

  • i didnt like it when lupe was doing it, and i still think its w.e just dont exploit the shit like skaters listen to real rap anyway..

  • you do have the occasional old school skater thatll listen to sean p and smiff and wessn and what not but thats rare..


    cool vid, makes you like the song a little more. waiting on the Bone Thugs Remix

  • Akuma

    @Zoom u see guys like u got no life….basically all u do is sit ur ass in front of ur computer and wait to comment…yes we get it u hate Game if this would’ve been put out by some NY artist u would be sucking his dick right?

  • Black Shady

    song is still meh to me. video is dope tho

  • Your Father

    Cool video but this record is wack.
    If it ain’t broke don’t fix it…trying to fidget with classics.

  • lick da kat


  • CJF

    cool video, but its surely more breezys song than games … young harlem up in the video thou!

  • IM730

    @deez yo I sorta hear ya but have you watched a skate video before? There is mad hip hop (old school hip hop too) in every video skate part. Skateboarders def listen to rap music always have and always will. But I hear ya this new skateboard craze with wayne (again.. It happened with P and lupe) is stupid. I can’t even count how many niggas I seen carrying a skateboard (brand new.. No scratches) around like it was an accessory. That shit is whack. But that has been goin on for many years in rap. With throwback jerseys, how many niggas get a bike and a Pitbull when X and ruff Ryder’s was poppin? Snapbacks? Kriss Kross backwards pants? Niggas wanna be about the same shit that their favorite rapper is about even if it means buying a skateboard and not knowing how to do a damn thing with it but carry it.

  • IM730

    Also nigga Chris needs to lay off them pills. I looked that exact same way when I was addicted to them pain meds.

  • Hannibal Lecture

    @Akuma ZoomZoom from Florida. He’s mad cause G-Unit fell from grace. Fuck that pussy he’s a secret MMG fan lokey. Dope vid.

  • Its funny you nigas hate in wayne so hard for skating
    But theres pro skaters through out this whole video
    If they dint mind why do you ?

  • Gambino

    tyga looks like a homo with that leather tank on

  • the game rocking DGK and TRUKFIT smh….. thats that shit i dnt like!!!

  • thank BONE for this 1

  • Evil

    Wack.Chris sounds like a girl and wiz dress like a fag.Game sold out

  • mrholloway

    This shit is tight. Can’t go wrong with rehashing 1st of The Month.

  • M.T

    not feeling this song at all. dont really care for the video either.

  • the realist

    Ehh.. its ok… can Game and Fat Joe do a song by themselves?

    What was the point in Wiz doin that lil part? Could’ve had Tyga do that and it’d sound no different… Just another forced posse cut

  • J-Boogie

    i fucks with the song and video.

  • franky

    it’s chill song! and Yess thank bone thugs for this for real, why wiz khalifa’s name is mentioned in the title is a total mystery. he’s artistic contribution to this project was probably rollin’ tight ass joints

  • E. 1999 Eternal

    so no cameo from the originators Chuck? I mean not even a verse from one of the original members. At least have one of them on the hook slime. SMH. I can’t support this.

  • dragon

    these dudes look softer then a litter of kittens.

  • Tank

    Bone thugs sound and nutin but a g thang video.

  • hannibal

    Any body who thinks that video and Track is dope. You need to get your head check don’t be a follower you fucking sheep. Wayne is not a skater and game ain’t a gangsta