G.O.O.D. Music Invades 106 & Park

Still no Kanye in sight, but with 2 Chainz present, G.O.O.D. Music took over BET’s 106 & Park. They discussed their album, next projects, their individuality, lessons learned while under Mr. West and more.

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  • JustMyOpinion

    We ALL thinking it, so I might as well say it: ALL white after labor day though?

  • Mike

    [email protected] Ye’ telling them niggas to wear white and not even show up

  • flo


  • skrillz

    can’t believe all of them actually bought into this

  • skrillz

    hip hop is all followers nowadays – and that’s not necessarily unusual, but the people that everyone’s following are fruitcakes

  • jones

    hip hop is all followers nowadays – and that’s not necessarily unusual, but the people that everyone’s following are fruitcakes

  • jones

    this site’s a joke for not putting chief keef on the blackout section for being such a jerkoff

  • Yup !


  • MMG

    where kanye

  • Relly

    Shame they cancelled 106th and park… i grew up to that

  • troncity

    I mean I get dressing alike for a performance but really 106. Like people gonna be like “thank godness they are dressed in all white..i almost couldnt tell who was in the group and who wasnt” This is retarded. And aint com push and 2 CHAINZ!!!! alittle old to be color coordinating with these kids. Yall hate on young money but atleast wayne aint telling his group how to dress. Now granted everyone in young money dress like some gotdamn fruit loops still… They better be coming from the Marshmallow Mans funeral or a photo shoot or else these niggas some damn fools. Either way Cruel Summer was dope even if the group some dweebs.

  • Cruel Thing

    @troncity Thank God Wayne ain’t telling anyone how to dress. But R.I.P to all the headphone users at the end lol

  • young


  • RR Cool J

    They’re not all wearing the same thing, just the same color. And I think it looks cool. Ya’ll just find something to hate and complain about

  • D

    my boi cudi swag as fuck

  • Your Father

    I know Kanye’s not tryna be like Diddy, dancing all in the middle and trying to give them some shine but people could read this wrong – like he doesn’t want to support the project or something.
    Show up for something, at least once!

  • Real Deal

    @ Your Father

    Kanye doesn’t do press.

    “Don’t do no press but I get the most press kid…”

  • real niggas only

    where the fuck is cudi

  • Evil

    They look like a boyband.Fruitcakes

  • Peekay

    I actually feel embarrassed for Common hanging out with these youngins and dressing in white like the rest of em. He doesn’t need this shit. I hope Kanye’s paying him a lot for this.

  • FTW

    lmao… at Kudi saying fuck that.

    lmao… this shit is horrible, I hope they never do that shit again in life.

    lmao… Ye clowned all these niggas.

    lmao… Ye and Hov watching from the presidential suite cracking the fuck up.

    I can’t believe they actually did it ! (c) Ye


  • Where’s CUDI

    I’m Still laughing at CuDi saying fuck that

  • Where’s CUDI

    And LOLin at legend saying fuck that

  • IM730

    Yall laughin like cudi or legend been at any of these things. Ye is prolly too busy figuring out what Kim is gonna be wearing the next day. Don’t get me wrong I fu*k with g00d music but this boy band lookin shit is whack. There are other ways to coordinate and not look like o-town.


    Fuck Kanye West’s emo ass.

  • suckit

    the nigga sean is way too skinny to rock that tank