Kanye West Speaks On Cruel Summer

Let’s be honest, Kanye hasn’t done much to promote the G.O.O.D. Music compilation. So instead of radio appearances or in-stores, here’s a vignette of him explaining how the project came together and his camp’s approach on music. Cruel Summer available here.

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  • 2012 = G.O.O.D. MUSIC

  • Andrew

    and james fauntleroy II still gets no credit..

  • Sunshine State

    The music speaks for itself. His brand alone is promo enough. The talent on the label is evident. Not a classic album, but every album doesn’t have to be. Just let the music show that you worked just as hard making the album that I did making the money to buy it. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

  • Ten Macaroni Necklaces

    Ok Ye! I’ll buy it

  • Cz

    This shit shoulda been a mixtape…just kanye trying to get the dick riders to go spend there money

  • complexcontext

    damn… that was cool

  • 74×74

    This is quality music whether or not it suits your taste, it was expertly crafted.

  • brollya


  • Black Shady

    Album is not as good as I expected it. BUT…..its still a good album

  • imTravi

    I like Clique

  • thecool

    This was almost shorter than the album

  • big steve

    absolute genius

  • Cruel Thing

    He’s right, it all does fit together except for the Don’t Like. It was put together well, I was expecting more but this is definitely great.

  • Royalty of this shyt!

    Ya half the album was fillers

  • CaliSwag818


  • Gambino

    I would’ve preferred a 15-20 track album to the 12. Some songs just drag on way too long

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ It’s 12 great tracks. I think Hip-Hop fans have been program to dance and sing. So, now when you hear music with actual chords/strings we, generally speaking, almost can’t relate anymore. We’ve spent the last 5 years singing 100s of hooks. When a song doesn’t have a catchy hook our attention span is about ( ) that short.

  • M.T

    Really enjoyed this album.

  • Jaymalls

    Lets keep it real… The only reason people didn’t like Cruel Summer is because they heard Half the songs already and wanted more tracks… Other than that, it was a door ass album!

  • ceaze

    i hope it flops….should have made it a mixtape if he was goin to release half the songs on the album b4 it dropped…fuck u kanye…but he killed that to the world track for real

  • Stuckhomie

    U see how much impact the Wu-Tang niggaz still have on dudes?

  • Lantern Core

    Music to listen to on your way to work, so you can deal with your boss.
    And if you’re a boss, deal with your employees.

    Kanye working at the Gap…
    Now a fashion designer.

    That’s all it’s about, growing

  • Cz

    I love how everyone defends this crap and just let the slaughterhouse album pass em by.

  • ayyeee

    Q tip aint even on that bitch….other than t that the album was a breath of fresh air from all them club tracks that been coming out.

  • Slaughterwho

    People talking about Slaughterhouse, MMG ,or YMCMB need to get a damn clue. This is Yeezy. HIs worst will be better than anything that”s out there and with this subpar album it shows.

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  • Cz

    Kanyes verses are simpler than most of Wayne’s shit nowadays. I’ll admit he’s nice as a producer, but you can’t be serious that you think he’s really that good at rapping.

  • Turn’Up

    Is Roscoe Dash serious? Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaahahha!

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  • Shit Summer

    That shit gay.

  • DenCo

    how fuckin dope. i believe him

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    This album had a R&B joint thats better than R&B songs we hear on the radio. Ye’ worst shit is still better than these other guys….smh

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  • PEEP

    its cool, especially when mediocrity makes millions. america

  • illa noise

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  • Orpheus

    yeah except Mr. Hudson isn’t even on the album.