Loaded Lux & Arsonal “Sway In The Morning” Freestyle

Fresh off his encore Summer Madness 2 battle, Loaded Lux kicked it with Sway on Shade 45. Above, he and Arsonal run a few laps over G.O.O.D. Music’s “Clique”.

UPDATE: More spit from Lux and Arsonal.

UPDATE 2: And it don’t stop

UPDATE 3: Damn, how long did they go?

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    Loaded Lux man. He’s the new LL. Get it? L… L?

  • Beloved!

    “You see the difference between metaphors and real raps?
    How a nigga with Metaphors could really rap?…”

  • PPrrootteesstt

    That nigga Sway said “My legacy is cemented, im good. I’m gonna smile in your face, but you gotta ask yourself, do you really have it?” Lol thats some real funny shit

  • Black Shady


  • @donricoesq

    Kinda disappointed w Arsonal…..what if the dj wknder didnt give u the beat from where u wanted it – it would have fucked up your flow?? A real MC can start from anywhere

    As for LUX he better capitalize off the battle shine with a decent single by the end of the month or it will be the same ol thing for battle rappers – cant make solid music

  • loaded lux raps are really grown music and arsonal a beast

  • Nickey Negrito

    Never heard of Lux until the recent battle with Cal. Yo I’m a fan now!

    Slaughter House should put him on.

  • Iran The Race

    @2:27…… I drop heavy, dey light, I’m just try’n to save u time— damn!

    I’m officialy about to buy my first loaded lux album today beloved.. ha

  • GTFO

    Crazy thing is that Lux been battle Rapping over 12 years maybe earlier. See what happens when you don’t give up.

    People are gonna stop saying that they don’t wanna think when they hear a song. Them down south slow rappers got you fooled with their opinion of what hot. That made NY dumb it way down too. Hope this style comes back.

  • wickedess

    lux a fukin beast and been a beast

  • IM730

    This what I got to say about that “crazy” battle that had busta up on the balcony bout to have a heart attack.

    Imagine if that was in the D and that nigga Lux choked the way he did there.. Dude was repeating his last few lines to remember what he had and the NY crowd just let him. The dude Canofcorn or whatever woulda did that and he woulda never got a chance to do anything else after, they woulda booed him back to Detroit. I thought they both came with some heat but the Lux choke was weak to me. This dude lux better ride this wave he got though. Only a dumb nigga would not do anything with this..

  • Nickey Negrito

    @im730, good name….lol From what i understand that choke was scripted.

    Anyways Ars did so much better without that phone on and Lux was killing but 4got his part. Either way, nice session. I’M DEFINITELY A LUX FAN

  • Ran

    Lux been nice eversince he gave Mook that work, him & Joe budden was suppose to battle too.

  • IM730

    @nickey.. I ain’t buyin that though. Dude turned around and his boys had worried looks like “this nigga forgot his lyrics”. If it was staged he wouldn’t have let it go that far. They called time on him and everything. But like I said Lux better ride this.

  • Your Life Is A Lie

    That’s what I’m talking about, the realness. Shout out to the Black Hippy dudes out West cause they holding it down as well

  • Trillionaire

    Lux a beast hands down

  • This shit was Heavy lol Real Bars no bullshit, Hit Me for Beats @ONEMANBEATS

  • lilrizq

    It’s lux’s turn… even Jay-Z know it.

  • That was dope, mad fresh, some of the nicest bars I’ve heard on Sway in a while… and mad props to Lux on that continuous grind & battle hustle. Dude has put in mad work, I been watching his battles for a decade…. good to see him winning. Hope to hear a single soon.

  • wayy

    if they had cassidy on there it would be over.

  • wayy

    if it comes to bars i mean..

  • Crew Love

    Lux is SO MEAN WITH IT it’s stupid.
    Lyrics and bars are just so real.


    That’s how you’re suppose to rhyme.

    –My Flexibility Manifesto

  • What everyone is failing to realize is…sway was nothing but subiminal when he made the comment about gotta smile in guys face and act like they doing something…he directly talking about arsonal…watch after arsonal finish rapping and watch the body language between lux and sway….it says it all….only real going to recognize real…..that was sad and funny at the same time…..rip to the competition keep that conscience rap alive…..wake them up….

  • jayMjay

    whats the third beat that Ars rapped to?