• Zagga

    “Translation: I just wanted to give the Internet something to talk about.” TRUE. this guy is so fucking annoying. GTFO already

  • suckit

    he wanted a challenging? fuck does that mean

  • RonPaul2012

  • stunna’s dad



  • kbisburning

    I didn’t get that translation from what he said at all.

    he’s basically saying fuck Atlantic records

  • brl

    I’m sorry, but Lupe tries too hard to stand out. We get it, you’re intricate and SUPER creative.


    Bootleg Kanye West

  • Cruel Summer Is On Track To Sell 220K-240K First Week (Hits Daily Double)

    Chief Keef >>>>> Lupe Fiasco

  • Word

    Lupe definitely does try too hard its actually a little annoying sometimes.

  • FTW

    I like Lupe but I can understand why he would get on someone’s nerves who may be less intelligent and or articulate. Lupe just talks way over most people’s heads most of the time; and that shit has to get annoying after a while. People who came to rap to release stress with the “ignorant black people” but arrive and find hip hop heads having round table discussions about planned obsolesce, hip hop as great american folk art, while comparing Gibbs to Goines. That shit has to be frustrating.

    It’s hard to get nothing on a cover because media corporations need to sell a particular image to the masses every chance they get. God forbid the people actually have their own interpretations.


  • Yeezy Taught Me

    This shit is going to flop so fucking hard. Lupe thinks he has a big following of fans but they don’t buy his albums.

  • @ Word

    No it’s actually annoying all the time now. When he first came out, he was naturally progressive and intellectual, but still cool in his own way. Now he’s just pretentious and irritating w/fake provocative bullshit just for the sake of attention. His shit used to be subtle & natural, now he’s like the Jehovah’s Witness banging on your door mad early…

  • a thought

    He only seems pretentious and irritating and fake because he’s been “banging on the door” so long and people just don’t care enough to walk along a righteous path that he is now conceived that way by the rap populous. No one wants to think, if they thought they wouldn’t be so quick to lambast Lupe and laud (not to be confused with LOUD) bitches, gems and brew…and you Rap Radar niggas need hooked on fucking phonics. What the hell is “give the ‘net riled up” and I know that was the third try.

  • sam n wessin

    Top 5 alive Lupe

  • what a prick. go away, hurry up and retire

  • Sitting Like Frank

    Since nobody said it, I’ll say it first… THIS NIGGA SITTING GAY THAN A BITCH… “No Frank Ocean, I’m Straight”.

  • truf turf

    yall mofos are mad stupid. lupe is so smart yall niggas think he dumb…… lupe talks shit about yall dumb apes(niggas) and how america is bad and yall think he aint gonna sell records??? guess wat country is one of the least liked??? yea mofos so yea yall dum niggas aint gonna buy his album in america but u aint the only country that sells albums so dont buy his album believe me he aint gonna go broke cause of yall. he has a huge following in australia and new Zealand and other european countries. he might only be annoying to yall cause he talks shit about yalls dumb intellect guess the truf hurt truf.

  • Me

    Lupe all day 1 of the saviors of real true Hip Hop

  • Brahsef

    Only people more annoying than Lupe’s pretentious self are his fans. Like read what you’re all typing. Lupe’s been garbage since The Cool (which I love and still listen to). This new cd is not gonna be good and frankly its obvious to everyone besides Lupe stans. He straight jacked TROY. You can’t jack the greatest sample in hip-hop. That’s straight disrespectful. The music video for Bad Bitch was better than the actual song. And no one can defend that trash of a song he did with that Australian singer.

    @Truf “he has a huge following in australia and new Zealand and other european countries.” That’s cool and all, but no one cares about their taste in hip-hop

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  • truf truf

    @brahsef thats cool and all but rappers dont care about their fans taste in hip hop. just ask lil wayne

  • KoldCase

    You can hate on him but hes probably better then your top 5

  • God

    Lupe used to try to get people to think for themselves. Now he tries to get them to think like him.

    And as it turns out, he thinks like a pretentious, idealistic, douchy child.

  • Shining Shadow

    Did you all even watch the interview? Lupe is as down to earth as the next guy.

  • Some guy

    @ FTW – You talking about Freddie Gibbs and Donny Goines? If so, much respect.

  • Royalty of this shyt!


  • mattilyons


  • Cruel Thing

    Damn, just let the man do what he pleases

  • smhhhh

    nigga got some wack ass glasses on and hasn’t put anything good out since the cool, what happened to my man Lupe!

  • BoyWonda26

    I second @turf turf

  • Nathaniel

    big homie. that’s definitely not what he said in reference to the album cover… he wanted atlantic to make it themselves? no, nigga. he was saying he wanted it all Black and nothing inside, and it was a challenge to atlantic to see if he could actually get away with it.

    the fuck niggas be listening to? this is why it’s better to let the artist in question do the talking (since there’s a video above) instead of trying to ‘interpret’ for the RR visitors.

    my niggas.


    Why does everyone hate on Lupe so much? My guess is because he’s more talented than your favorite rapper and won’t rap about the dumb shit that you wanna hear. This man is a fucking genius, one of the best to ever bless a mic, and most of yalls ignorant asses just hate on him because he’s different. You can like him or not.. but you can’t call him bad. He’s fucking amazing at rapping, his lyrical ability and wordplay is untouchable.

  • Vapor


    Who here said he was a bad rapper? People have called him pretentious, people have called him annoying, people have called him idealistic, people have said he tries too hard, people have said he’s stupid, douchy, corny, someone called him a poor-man’s Kanye, several people said he sold out, someone called him a Jehovah’s Witness, people said he was fake, people said he was forcing it, people said he was disrespectful, people said he’s fallen off, someone said he looks gay… all of which is completely true.

    Nobody said he was a bad rapper. But sometimes, the downside outweighs the talent. Especially when the talent doesn’t translate into good music anymore.

  • G

    You guys are so cute.

  • Lupend


  • That Guy

    Look at Lupe Fiasco through a different lens: As much as Lupe is being pretentious and coming off as a prig, you have to respect a guy who is trying to better himself. He’s made money and with it he’s trying to culture himself and run away from his life in the streets. Why are we against that, I don;t understand. So we want rappers to stay hoodlums? Not good for this culture. Look at Jay-z, look at Nas. Both men expanded their horizons. Jay-z’s you can see in pictures, Nas’s you can hear in his songs, but nonetheless, they’ve matured into respectable adults. Lupe’s just going about it the wrong way. “When you try hard, that’s when you die hard.” -Mr. West.

  • missedgyc

    I hope LUPE will do a show in PARIS soon.
    He’s one of my tope 5 fav rapper.

  • Kaypain

    WOW amazes at all of you hating ass people. You all MADDDDD! cuz you too damn stupid to understand this guy. Yall don’t like intelligence in your face.

    “Dumb It Down” is a perfect song he did that describes all you hating ass dumb fucks.

    He’s annoying because he challenges you intellectually, thats whats wrong with you dumb fucks, you rather listen dumb shit, go ahead. Don’t insult this guy because he smarter than you.

    His vision is pretty clear, he’s real, he doesn’t rap about any fake shit. So yall just can just fake dumb ass niggas and leave the intelligent alone.

  • jonmadison

    At the 2:00 mark, you didn’t hear what was actually said.