• Me

    This is like some WTT shit with the Worst rappers Alive lol Boo these Men

  • ZoomZoom

    GUCCI AND FUTURE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> BIG HOMIE


  • fuck gucci… future makes the hook good. this beat is fire though. mike will really made it. i give props to him on this beat for real

  • Cruel Thing

    Fuck this song

  • Cz

    For Gucci this shits dope…ain’t sayin much though

  • more bread plzzz

    gucci mane has gotten better i can actually understand what sayin

  • **MyNaMek’Ree**

    guCci whO? guCci Mane? was on the List & eMiNem wasNt??? …..,,,… s/O My NiGga G U C C I !!!

  • floridaboy

    future fucked it all up with tht gayass singing

  • zezzoi

    This chorus is a hit tho….Wouldn’t doubt if this shit blew up a bit

  • Kilt

    Dope… haters be quiet