Obama Meets The Carters

Jay-Z and Beyonce held a fundraiser last night at the 40/40 in support of President Barack Obama. The cost of attendance? $40,000. Light work, right?

Cameras or mics weren’t allowed

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  • Black Shady

    The Carters WIN!!!!!!! no competition

  • red dress hahahahaha funny/….

  • Luck

    I was going, but I got a checking and a savings and the way it’s set up…

  • Lu


  • R

    Beyonce brought her Donkey and was squirming and shit she wanna bang the Pres Son!

  • Ghost

    Nobody fucking with Jay-Z.


    ^ except hologram tupac

  • B.Dot


  • michelle michelle

    This is very cool

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Bey looks beautiful. Love the Carters.

  • ohWORD

    I thought that cat in the 3rd pic was Manny Pac at first lol

    but yeah Hov and B can’t lose

    Niggas call J a Camel/Donkey all you want….nigga has enough money to buy your whole family, and ya unborn children to work for him

  • strongisland


  • R

    So what you saying is if Gay Z was broke Beyonce would still be loving him or even talk to him she wouldnt even look at his ass RG8

  • heard chief keef was there bang bang lol

  • truth

    ^ and most people can’t seem to comprehend this

  • truth

    @strongisland these kids don’t know

  • dmannn

    birdman was also in attendance rub a nigga head make a wish BRRR BRRR

  • WTF Is Lil Wayne Wearing

    Bey still lookin good as hell did the baby rly come from her fine body?. She prob’ly gave it Mr President while Jay cheerfully watched

  • smoke and mirrors

  • Real Talk.

    I’m mad I gave Beyonce my $15 and didn’t get invited. smh

  • Ten Macaroni Necklaces

    Damn 40k? Y’all take checks!?

  • Top 5 poster of all time

    Jay-Z is a rapper………incredible

  • bry from boston

    “i’ll neva have dinna with the president” – ice cube

    Jay deserves to meet Obama.. He put in so much work on all his tours before Obama became president.. i went to 5 Jay concerts and at every one of them he took a few minutes out of the show to tell everyone tl vote for Obama with a big barrack photo on the big screen.. I personally didn’t vote for him because he was a two year senator with no experience.. But Sarah palin is an idiot so Im glad she’s not in office being vp.

    “from the depths of the sea… its the s n double o mother fuckin p”

    Stop the presses @zoomzoom-daddy said something where he wasn’t hating or mentioning his jealousy lf MMG.. wow

  • cness

    Obama is simply trying to get the ghetto vote like he gives a shit about any one so go and vote Obama because jay z told you to.

  • Kieran

    Thank god it Wasn’t Dwayne’s Carter’s….

  • atown

    Damn JayZ get yo woman out that man’s face like that!!LOL Beyonce lookn like she ready to do whateva for Obama…. These Hoes B Actin Up..LOL

  • brl

    40 stacks?! You could provide a family in need with food, clean water, and shelter for a year for that much?

  • Mitt Romney

    So go make that 40 stacks yourself, feed your fam, and stop feeling like your “entitled” to other people’s money because they have worked harder than you

  • LOL

    Simple minded comments. Good Look to the self-absorbed people. Instead of feeling inspired, people have something to say. The whole culture has changed. Props to the Carters for achieving the American dream and I hope we all some how achieve ours. Peace & Love.

  • brl

    Thanks for the advice, Mitt. You know us 47 percenters aren’t the brightest individuals. Idiot.

  • Jaymalls

    @brl Hahaha @Mitt Romney shut ur ass down u broke “the government owes me this check on the 1st” “Govt. WIC CHEESE” “no stamps in ya passport” ass nigga! :hah:

    @LOL :claps: exactly… These broke fuqs just hate from their computers on people who are actually gettin out of their neibothoods and going out and helping change the WORLD… Not just their city or state!

  • Blaxdon

    Meanwhile sigel is back up in gen pop, Jimmy Jones waiting for Vh1 to call his woman back (they won’t by the way they like to rotate LA,NY,ATL ), and dmx is busy hating on the young boy Drake cause he’s stealing limelight, concerts, and tribute albums.

  • damn, when you got the president coming to you’re own sports bar, thats how you know you made it….

  • suckit

    i’ll be there tomorrow hope my boy obama didnt leave!! suck my dickkkkk!!!!!!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @bry from boston. Hahaha you MMG groupies & stans are funny to me.

  • brl


    Thank you for the enlightenment. It wasn’t a “poor me” speech. If it’s needed to be reported to the public, than we have a right to share our opinion. It was merely an observation, calm down. I am not bitter? I fully support President Obama and Jay-Z, it wasn’t meant to be malicious. Geez.

  • Kilt

    You can do the same.. dig that

  • That Guy

    and this is relevant to hip-hop because…….

  • emdee

    it’s relevant because a gangster rapper from the projects is on speaking terms with the leader of the free world

  • Converse


  • swa

    GAY AF, f all these nigs

  • the void

    beyonce looks like she is white.

  • Carilto P

    Damn I use to think that there would never ever be a Black president. Now look, not only is there president Black but he’s in a sports bar hanging out with rapper. I must be dreaming.

  • True respect right there

  • 123

    lil fishy eh

  • 123

    obama brushing dirt of his shoulder and the first lady does the duggie

    inspiration at its finest

  • Loaded

    LMAOOOOOO @ the Mitt Romney comment

    fuck republicans though

  • RJ3000_

    Man, if you cant respect that then your whole perspective is whack.
    The man used to sling crack. Let that resonate.

  • buzz

    @RJ3000 Co-sign, @123, lil fishy? how? give up dude.

  • LI495

    If jay ain’t the truth i don’t know what is .40 plus still ill

  • Crew Love


  • chills

    its a good look for jay,,,,forty racks,,,for a dinner and contribution,,,thats the political system,,,,,so whats the big deal easy-e said fuck the police,,,and met the president,,,,so is this really that far of a stretch,

    moneys the motivation,,,,,class war is in full effect,,,,

    i bet obama wont come to,, east flatbush,,or east oakland, and drop forty racks on anything,,how bout that,,,,

    ,demacrips and rebloodicans,,,,,,who you down wit,?,

  • chills

    look up body language,,,,and find out what,,,all ways having your hands in your pockets means,,,,

    ,then look at your boy hov,,,,,cant hide what you really are it will always leak

  • broski

    from the streets of brooklyn selling crack to here, man this nigga is the most powerful man on earth braaaaaaaaaa

  • poisen

    @chills, hands in pockets can be a negative form of body language, for example someone who is lying or insecure, OR it can be a form of humbleness, as in someone showing they dont want to talk they would rather just be the listener.

  • That’s power right there.

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