Joe Budden A Loose Quarter Cover

Emptying his pocket, Joe Budden pulls out the cover art of his next mixtape, A Loose Quarter. No release date set yet, but expect for it to drop soon.

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  • poetic assasin

    so many meanings behind it. I expect it to be his best work ever.

  • Me

    Yeeeeaaaahh!!! #JumpOff

  • Devante

    I liked the first cover he posted on twitter…

  • Royalty of this shyt!

    this shyt gonna be tough

  • HAQ

    lmfao our house tanked, so niggas is back scrappin’ lol#bornlosers

  • JumpOff

    Yeah well these born losers probably got a bank account fatter than your mom’s ass

  • LikeJordan45

    “lmfao our house tanked, so niggas is back scrappin

  • Swag

    Cant wait to hear this, joe budden is a rap legend

  • mr.kee

    I cant be the only one who thinks they are all better solo

  • Real Deal

    @ mr.kee I think everyone thinks they’re better solo

  • rogerbarrett

    everybody knows they were using WTOH to jump off as solo artists. now budden is getting downloaded by eminem fans. looking forward to this and no love lost.

  • @Real Deal only you 2 cheese heads think there better solo slaughterhouse is an awesome rap group fuck who says other wise and there good solo aswell there album had a different sound 2 it but because of that people hate on it you gotta understand they gotta expand there sound to appeal to a wider audience and i for 1 dont have a problem with there new sound at all it works with them i love lyrics and the lyrics are there on the album along with dope beats