• The pyaah

    This album go be hot. It doesn’t even sound like a mixtape. I’m glad his hooks and lyrics aren’t repetitive. Man oh man I feel motivated hearing about percocets, racks, bad bitches and watches all the time when Meek raps. Damn he’s the GOAT.

  • Black Shady

    arent repetitive??????? LOL Meek only got 1 subject matter and 1 flow bruhhhhhhhhh

    I wanna see him win tho. only real nigga in MMG

  • Hui Lu Kim

    Over thinking an album, not classic.

  • DC 4EVER

    I LOve THat BEat @ 34 sec mark.

    I Hope You Use That As YOur Intro…

  • IamRealTalk ( Rick Ross’ GFID 738K Officially PLATINUM Status – Jeezy only at 700k lol ) – CRUEL SUMMER will NOT outsell SELF MADE VOL. II –

    This album being a classic is the DREAM

    And the album sales and quality of this shit will be the NIGHTMARE

  • lynch-mob

    more like the making of dream chasers 2 ?

  • one love ricky no nicky lovin in that dna some born with some not haha you no wot i say yo thegreatest!

  • RapSucks

    It’s obvious he’s taking ‘E’ by the way he chews his gum. And in the first video he’s on coke. Rap is just shitty therapy to cope with childhood abuse. The dudes in the background are probably his case workers. Insanity makes the world go round.

  • White jewish demons

    White jewish demons