• Elliott Wilson’s indian lover Muhammad

    Gonna give this a listen later tonight

  • @p0is0nedkoola

    Joe Budden on Ransom: “Nigga, you skinny fat!” “Daryl Dawkins in the face”

  • Peekay

    Games of Thrones reference – Winter Is Coming

  • Ricky Retardo

    Timbo was right…

  • Angelo

    I still like Ransom more than Budden

  • FTW

    That cover is dope.

  • Jules

    I hate it when a rapper (in this case one who used to be one of my favourites ,pause) who has yet to really make his mark in the game falls for the same generic stuff that’s popping at the moment.
    This instead of doing them, what happened to the guy who made “Final Straw”? Are we lead to belive that Duffel Bag Ran caked up to the point that every song has to be about flossin while jacking that same old flow everyone else is using? Glad to see Hitch up there but there isn’t a single track here that stands out. The Hard Hood Volumes still shits on everything made after.

  • Uncle Ray Ray

    Nice art work ,hope the music is as good

  • tr

    Hah, I didn’t know hip-hop was up on that Game of Thrones.

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