• Nice combo.I fuck w/ both of their music and kurupt is one of my favorite.Quik killed the 1st verse. Kurupt going crazy usual.This is some dark G shit.This is tough. Kurupt killed the flow.

    Loch kendrick Lamar Swimming Pools(Drank) freestyle video http://youtu.be/RIkQHcuSJoo

  • 123

    this is trash hes got nothing
    needs work just like everythng else

    also sounds unfinished or its just crap

  • 123


  • King

    I’m a huge fan of Quik…but this sounds ehh


    2 westcoast legends when united = garbage.Why the fuck cant these dudes put out quality music anymore? Quik needs to retire and Kurupt need to get fredwreck or daz to do his beats.