• IamRealTalk ( Rick Ross’ GFID 738K Officially PLATINUM Status – Jeezy only at 700k lol ) – CRUEL SUMMER will NOT outsell SELF MADE VOL. II –




  • Elliott Wilson’s indian lover Muhammad

    This shit bout to be crazy

  • WTF Is Lil Wayne Wearing

    I fucks with Gibbs. For real. The Hard was dope, Bout It Bout It was dope. But this joint and Pull Up whack as hell. Tha fucks up with dude, did the fame (you ain’t even blow up yet homie) get to his head? Get yourself together. HIPHOP NEED CTE. JEEZY TALK TO YO MAN. BFK.


    Mo Murda Mo Murda Mo Murda…..Damnnnn I NEED a DL link ASAP!!!
    This is that PHONK!

  • kush cloud

  • J

    Man, I’m Gibbs biggest fan but real talk, quit putting bum ass niggas (purpfaceghost) on the song and not dropping 2 verses! This is BFK! Your biggest mixtape ever! DJ Drama! Drop 2 – 3 verses on every track and no more bums

  • J

    But for real tho, outside of the bum, this shit go fed

  • Derrt

    take space ghost purp off the track immediately

  • mulitgenre073

    Nigga’s ain’t gonna know this but this samples “The killing Lights” by A.F.I. dopeeee samplee

  • Bhane

    Damn ya’ll really dont like dhat Purrp verse da fuck it wasn’t the best but it wasn’t his worse

  • Bhane

    Listen to that shit again tell me you really aint like dhat verse

  • Cz

    If anything take Krayzie bone off this shit not spaceghost

  • steezplati

    this shit is tight everything gibbs puts out its tight why would u take krazyie bone off this track u crazy some ppl dont appreciate good music

  • deez nuts

    the people hating on this song sound like some straight bitches

  • OG Bone

    krayzie bone is an ol’school legend, how you gonna say take him off. 1993 and 19 years later he still got it. this new school mmg and machine gun kelly hyped up club crap hip-hop cant compare to the 90s hiphop but its what kids like to hear now-a-days so they automatically want to throw off any artist thats not on the radio off the tracks. f outta here thiers some o.g. here from the 90s who enjoy these ol’ school artist such as krayzie bone, and for those on the mmg tip, only good artist in mmg is wale anyway, he the only one saying anything relevant all i hear from ross is money, cars, clothes, women, drugs, dealing, fake gang bangin. wale’s worse track is greater than officer ricky’s best work. quoting immortal technique on industrial revolution “So if your message ain’t shit, f*** the records you sold Cuz if you go platinum, it’s got nothing to do with luck It just means that a million people are stupid as f***.” ross got no message like most rappers out there. nothing but dumb rappers selling dumb shit to dumb niggas, where’s the talent? the intelligent rappers the j. coles’, the kendrick lamars’, the lupes’, the commons’, the nas’? not on the radio where they should be. no we got dumb niggas on the radio to dumbify our youth. hip-hop aint dead artists and labels just F*ed it all up. talent has gone down. lil b? wake up mr flower? you got idiots saying thank you based god you F my bitch. stupid niggas. then you got the fan boys saying you mad cuz lil b f yo bitch no nigga im mad cause he went and helped build the dumb nigga rapper roster whom continue to ruin hip-hop. thiers alot of off topic crap on this but damn, do most of you know what a talent is? are those words familiar to you? if a kid grows up listening to lil bs music he gonna grow up a produce some similair garbage and it hits the radio holy shit we got a new hiphop crap sub genre called based hip hop and guess what it sounds like brain damaged kids on a mic. krayzie bone got the skills recent rappers lac excluding some new artist such as cole kendrick and wale those three trying to keep the rap alive.

  • King Chandler

    Gibbs is one of my favorite artists but I have a bad feeling that BFK is gonna be flooded with features, I hope he brings that Miseducation Gibbs to the table.

  • King Chandler

    UPDATE***** Here’s the official tracklist, straight from hiphopdx and my bad feeling was correct, look at all these features: 4 solo tracks, WTF.

    1. B.F.K.
    2. Still Livin

  • cte

  • PPrrootteesstt

    I hate this fucking flow so much….

  • Cz

    I actually liked the krayzie verse, but thought the space ghost one fit the song better. I was just saying it the the people calling the space ghost verse wack

  • floridaboy

    purrp all day RAIDER KLAN

  • young

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    gangsta gibbs…my n word….

  • illa noise

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