• poetic assasin

    didnt hear them say those two were going to be on the album, I heard them say they were feeling those two artists.. looking forward to the album

  • Devante

    No wonder this album is gettin no buzz.. It’s a Sheek & Ghost album and this whole time i was thinking it was a group effort…

  • poetic assasin

    ^ it is a combination of both groups, they were just the first to think of the idea and put it on the ground.

  • charles

    Ghost Alone is enough to buy. That supreme!!

  • This is gonna be FIRE. i need that Gritty Hip Hop again Wu-Block hit me for beats on twitter @ONEMANBEATS

  • Midsize Jerm

    I’m pretty sure the project is being handled by Sheek and Ghostface, meaning they are the two primary artists, as has been the case with all the tracks released so far. So, why Raekwon might only be one one track, Ghost is gonna be on all/almost every track, same goes for Sheek. Still, shit is gonna be hot, everything they dropped so far has been fire, and if they get Bronson on a track with Jada then it’s overrr.



    D-Block & Wu-Tang members are gonna be feautured on her if i’m not mistaken

  • wizard

    @midsizejerm foh with that action smaction bullshit. listen to the purple tape and see how face feels about ppl who sound like him. anyways faces inability to explain what chemistry is >>>>. cant wait for the album. perfect timing. it couldnt have happend in the 90s and if it happend in the early 2000s it would have been wack. this project actually has a shot to be eternal.

  • oct