Macklemore “The Backroom” Freestyle

Looking like a hip-hop Sabretooth, Macklemore rocked this week’s BET Backroom freestyle. Shout out to Kirk Franklin. Ha! Mack’s forthcoming album, The Heist drops October 9th. Preorder here.

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  • JustMyOpinion

    More mockery of rap. Dudes is wiggidy wack.

  • all things real

    I’m digging the flow.

  • Real Talk

    @JustMyOpinion sonnn you bout to make B.Dot mad.. Haven’t you seen how he promotes him?

    But on the real dude is far from wack. His delivery is nice and his bars weren’t bad neither but people will always hate right?

  • kpamma

    here comes a seattle post from evan in 3, 2, 1..

  • Underground King of rap

    His flow is ok, delivery is waaak as fuck. Hes sanitation garbaaage. and for that coat he should be strangled fashion statement, publicity stunt or not get the fuck outta here u herb!

  • Anti-Lolipop Kid

    Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiceee (Fab voice).

  • loser


  • preway

    I don’t think it is good or wack. Just another rapper to me. Respect for the success

  • Evan


    Represent! but seriously, this is just okay, im not crazy about it.

    Macklemore is much more interesting on a Ryan Lewis beat, that’s the whole flavor.

  • EL OH EL

    “Been dope since Baby was KISSING Wayne on RapCity’s The Basement”

  • brollya

    naw he aint wack but dat coat gotta go…. i guess dis how rap is now… u gotta wear some outrageous shit to get noticed….. dude look lik the lion from the wiz

  • tr

    Not bad…

  • JustMyOpinion

    @ Real Talk I just listened to him. But, I can’t stand the mockery of rap. We already have 2 Chainz, Future, French Montanta and Waka Flocka. Do we need another? SMH

  • O.E.M

    Watch Macklemore – Thift shop video and the coat will all make sense

  • Cz

    ^ he raps better then everyone you just mentioned. And his actual songs have a meaning to them, not just talking about his money and bitches

  • Real Talk

    @JustMyOpinion I feel you in not needing another but ol’ white dude is far better than all the above mentioned rappers as far as lyrical ability goes imo.

  • Evan


    Macklemore is nothing like any of those rappers, like at all. Mack is hipster, not gangster rap. educate yourself, the man’s got nothing but respect for hip hop.

  • @gtfomike

    Macklemore is straight, there’s a lot better rappers out that deserve the shine a lot more though

  • @gtfomike

    Funny how Macklemore gets so much love on blogs ever since the XXL cover.
    Then El-P drops a AOTY contender and everybody acts like it didn’t happen.

  • King

    @gtfomike that would make sense seeing how the XXL cover was for newcomers, most without an album. El-p been making music since the 90s.

    Sanitation garbage? Name someone creating their own lane, maintaining what makes them different, and rapping with a message? You got rappers like all of the ones named above, awful shit like Cheef Keif and something refreshing comes along…open your eyes ( and your ears).

  • gtouthere

    This kid cool, I seen he did a song bout the Mariners that made it to ESPN, the video was cool too even tho I dont know nothin bout seattle. He seems like a real dude unlike the MGK kid.

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    like the male version of lady gaga

  • Van
  • bobo dan

    He is pretty dope i fucks wit em. but he will get the wayne treatment, he dresses funny so he is wack…..

  • CabriniGreeny

    “Looking like a hip-hop Sabretooth” LOL!!!

  • dll32

    makes me wanna punch him…

  • Evil

    Corny as fuck

  • corny

  • WTF Is Lil Wayne Wearing

    Watch Yeezy sign this kid or Asher Roth

  • mac DIESEL




  • hiphoperative

    Dude is mad original. I like his flow.

  • get it right

    the coat looks like kraven the hunter from the 90s spider man cartoons. i thought it was going to be lame, but he does his thing.

  • matrix

    Lol @ Kraven the Hunter Lol…Jea this dude is ight but niggz gonna hate anything different…just cuz the dude raps different looks different from wat you like…smh and hiphop fans…

  • The Real Evan

    Yo @kpamma keep my name from coming up out yo jaw! Everybody on this site try to use my name to get some fame! Mack sounds like every other underground white rapper with that flow coming up out his jaw!

  • I dont like that silly rap, like animated lyrics. Plus I dont condone any rapper that call their written raps freestyle.

  • Cz

    90% of “freestyles” you hear on the radio are writtens

    • I know and that shit’s lame. Instead, they should jest be like, “So and so’s going to spit some bars”. not say he’sfreestyling when he isnt.

  • LA

    ^^^^ True indeed.