• James Allen

    Zro is the truth!!

  • Shfhhgh


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  • get bucks

    Moe City 4 Life!!!

    Z-Ro is to Houston what Jadakiss is to NYC!!!

  • Shfhhgh

    Jadakiss Ain’t Really Shit Though?

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  • get bucks


    Jada get busy

  • pulla


    Jada get busy

    Styles P and Jada used to but i dont think so anymore they grown men now

  • thanks for the post.

    we had to re-upload the video…

    should be working again now.

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  • @Artise1

    Need more dudes like this in the game cuz.

  • Belize

    RO >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    i minddd my buzzzness, i do my own thang

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    Lol jadakiss ain’t shit

  • bigg rome

    this nigga straight stupid on theses videos.
    Remind me of the bum on the corner bragging about the good ole days.

    When will rappers move on to the next thing. they stuck in position
    Zero should be owning a label and investing in younger talent for the next generation

    • L Jin

      You sound like a hater bruh. mu fuckaz need to mind they business and follow the motto to each his own. If yu like listenin to lil wayne or young thug . cool . i don’t fuck wit them but ayy. to each his own . i enjoy this music fuck outta here wit that shit

      • L Jin

        I do agree with the label part. but the bull got his own shit allready . 4get the name tho