• koO

    i don’t care what anybody says, nicki fine as hell.

  • King E

    Fuck that. Nicki as far as I’m concerned is 90% makeup, cellulite, wigs, you name it, she’s a goddamn casserole of cosmetics, and she needs to be burn at the stake. lol Or at least stop calling herself a bad bitch.

  • mac DIESEL



  • Why So Serious

    I never liked this bitch, its HILARIOUS watching her lose fans over the Mitt Romney comment

  • the void

    does she always have to dress in costume? fuckin clown.


    nicki would get fucked raw dog, but she needs to stop caking herself with makeup and fake shit

  • IIG

    Gabby was the star of this panel.

  • slick

    they asked her who found her and although she talked about dvds would it have killed her to say fendis name? the only name she said was wayne. wayne aint find you fendi did

  • damn thats it

    this bitch got more fake body parts then barbie

  • R

    She’s a clown lol at that audience member dressing up like a clown too shits outa control Ringling Brothers would hire her on the spot!

  • Setra

    I loved seeing Niki Minaj today on The View. Finally we were able to hear her take on the whole Maria Carey and American Idol debacle. I also enjoyed hearing about her new perfume, I would love to find out how it smells! This interview will give me and my DISH coworkers plenty to talk about at work tomorrow. I recorded it on my Hopper, which was great because when I played it back I was able to start watching on my living room TV and then continue watching on any TV in my house right where I left off.

  • FENDI…FENDI….FENDI….it’s a real shame she wont mention that dude’s name. She was noticed becuase of what he did for her. A real shame!