French Montana Covers FADER

French Montana returns to his native Morocco for the cover of FADER‘s annual Photo Issue. The magazine drops October 9th, but you can peruse the feature here.

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  • Batman

    this monkey should not cover any magazine, Diddy musta slipped a BIG check to FADER to put him on this

  • 123

    30 comments every post to less then 10 each

  • Chris

    Not a huge fan of dude’s music, but that was a great article.

  • County Of Kings

    this nigga dress like kim jong ill. he think he the last emperor or something

  • floridaboy

    this nigga turning arab or sumthin.

    • Wagreon

      Nigga he always was u bitch ass nigga and what u got to say bout Arabs

  • JOHNYblaze

    I used to FUCK with max b heavy and dislike French back then, around 09 his music sound started to get together more and by now i cant believe that is the same french from the mixtape and dvd days!!! Big ups french , this article was a DOPE read by the way…

  • a arab yelling nigga old the time cant fuck with that and with him they mad racist out there against blackpeople even do they are moors to

  • all

  • rahrahrah

    Reading the Complex article makes me sad. There are so many things that French could write about, based on his life story. Instead we get….

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    We can always count on THE FADER for provocative cover stories…


    why that star on the right lookin like a pentagram? hmmmm

  • broski

    TURNING ARAB? he is fucking arab from morocco dummy!!!

  • jiggaman

    @ damm theres alot of black arabs , theres more than 10 arab countries in africa, morroco is one of them

    @hjood thats the moroccan flag idiot

    • Wagreon

      Eat a Djick bitch don’t you be talking bs bout Morocco when u don’t know nuttin!!!

  • Beaming

    A lot of respect for French after reading that. Hate all you want about his music but at the end of the day the guy is as real as it gets.

  • zezzoi


  • John Doe

    Half Somali Half Arab to be exact! Big Ups French!

  • floridaboy

    fuck u broski

  • chak 00001

    so was up ..whats wrong with that bitches he is arab african

  • chak 00001

    he was born in morocco …capital city rabat ,,,,,,,,,muslim arab african ,,,,,

  • Ely

    Nigga shut the F up you dont even know where is morocco Fag (floridaboy). plus there not arab there african cause they dont speak arab in the streets there muslim ya, its not that southafrica speak english that mean there americans ….

    • Wagreon

      We are Arabian Africans but mainly Arabs!

  • jeremy

    The nigga is Arab u dumb fuck