• wickedess

    dudes the truth… i fuk with this dude too he is dope…http://youtu.be/IvZvgDD7JxM

  • Raps solid. I dont think was off the top. If you know what you’re going to say (a written), you can make the rap sound impormptu by pauses and such. A solid raps a solid rap. Yet, if, for the fans and listeners to know, the DJs and radio stations should ask before or after the rap was the rap off the top or scripted. no hate, and much perspective.

  • funny


  • Karn

    Kendrick my nigga, but he spit that same shit on Cosmic Kev show

    • Karn, glad you pointeed that out pimpin. If people could freestyle for real they should. People can buy their writtens all day.

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  • Fire Marshall D.O.O.B

    Rarely do these niggas actually “freestyle”… I bet money this is on GKMC!!

  • St810


  • Real Deal

    Idk why people are so enamored with ‘off the top freestyles’. Most rappers aren’t good at it and most of the time the freestyle isn’t even that good. I’d rather hear some great writtens anyday.

    • I like great written, yet I’m still dope at freestyling. Nothings wrong with writing; freestyling’s a different skill, and rappers shouldnt be credited as freesttyling if they don’t freestyle.

  • What’s that beat?

  • takenotes

    this is so tight