• Batman

    This is hilarious!! Lil Wayne my nigga!! and funny as fuck and still killing songs in his music career

  • hahaha fuck mmg

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    William L. Robert should be questioning Wack Weezy not this moron.

  • weezy f

  • He can’t save you….. I was talking to myself hahahaha

  • Goes to show you that money, success and fame doesn’t buy you class, intelligence or humility.

  • they shoulda had william do the interview, weezy woulda recalled everything, and this guy is a bad lawyer he coulda brought up the memoirs and letters weezy wrote from jail, and even the phone calls, and even setting the courthouse on fire..

  • veesky

    Is this real life? That was funny at times, but also kind of…”disappointing”? I’m not really sure how to describe what I just saw…I don’t know if it’s ego or what. *smh* I just wish some of these cats would just focus on making good music

  • Peekay

    Deja vu. He can’t save you DeWayne

  • CBH

    This might be funny to some now, but this will come back to bite Wayne.

  • Micah

    LMAO man i dont really usually agree with Wayne but this was CLASSIC, Fuck them lawyers

    He Cant Save You>> you gon get this work

  • J

    Wayne, you are a f**king moron. Have some respect for yourself. Being on trial is not a joke.

  • Me

    G Shit some of u niggas should take notes #StopSnitchin (On Yourself)

  • CJF

    hahahahahhahahaaaa, he cant save you!

  • Evil

    Hahaha Wayne looks and sounds totally stupid.Almost embarrassing to watch that shit.LOL

  • ?

    “He can’t save you” smgdh and a whole generation of youngins gonna look at this like its the way to move in such proceedings what a moron plus threatening dude on camera as well *facepalm* the klan stay winning. Although i do admit that “how do you think the media sees you” was a bullshit ass question if you are yourself you are who you are you don’t think about how someone else sees you. That was the most unprofessional deposition i’ve ever seen from all sides the lawyer asking the questions giggling throughout, Wayne’s demeanor and responses and uh I thought a judge was well a judge? Whatever man guess when you got paper the rules are different but to all the “regular” folk watching this do NOT take notes this is NOT g-shit copying this behavior in any way shape or form in a courtroom will get you in some isht

  • Me

    @? u sound like a judge & fuck what u heard these Mf’ers think they can do what they want to us young black regular folk & sometimes u gotta show em u don’t give AF & I’m pretty sure weezy’s lawyer put him up on game it ain’t like he had a PD

  • DIGGSY!!!

    hopefully before some dumbass gets all gassed up by this i hope they realize this is a CIVIL trail, not a criminal case.

  • Brandeezy

    obviously Wayne wasn’t under oath and was advised by his lawyer to do what he did. dude is a millionare and has the best lawyers money can buy.

  • ?

    LMFAO ladies and gentlemen we have a prime example of a retarded mind. @Me this is a deposition concerning a lawsuit against QD3 that Wayne initiated where in the hell do you see any “they can do what they want to us” in there I mean this is his lawsuit nobody forced him to sue QD3. Secondly you obviously are naive to the world thinking that that “not givin a fuck” attitude works in your favor no matter the situation you’re in I mean the only person that ends up screwed is you this is a system ok it’s all chess and if you don’t move strategically and use your brain then they WILL do what they want to us regular young black folk cause they been doing it for centuries already. Mind you how do you think Wayne got to be so rich ? Someone had to give a fuck around him cause even if he acts like this all his people and team take care of the logistics so that he can be that way you think Cash Money became such a force in the industry by throwing middle fingers up and whatever it’s all a fuckin game it’s chess. But if you don’t believe me I suggest you try this attitude out the next time you’re in court and see how it works out for you

  • ayyeee

    Weezy 1 lol this made my day!

  • Eddie

    This is a civil not a criminal case people have a sense of humor this is a case he is suing someone over a movie his past criminal record has nothing to do with this so he doesn’t have to answer shit

  • This is a deposition I’m SURE he was told not to say anything…because this is where they try to make you seem like a horrible person DUH….

  • Me

    ^somebody tell ? That shit & trust me I have responded in court like this minus the threat that wasn’t a threat but fuck this system u must never heard the phrase people can only do to u what u allow, now if your scared of the law u will be a yes sir, no sir, yes your honor, no your honor type of person but to some integrity & self respect mean more, meaning no matter the consequence u take shit from noone & even if they give u 100yrs u can live with that cuz let’s be real the U.S is one big prison anyway

  • quapinmybackpack

    he initiated the suit. at the end of the day the questions he was asked dont pertain to the case. and overall its his money that hes putting on the line by not answering the questions that have no basis to be asked in the first place. people saying this dont give a fuck attitude is gonna bite him, blah blah blah. you obviously dont know shit about civil suits. yeah hes a pretetious arrogant douche, but he he has no obligations to answer the questions. say you get hit by a car, you sue the driver. the drivers lawyers come back at the depostition and try to get you to admit that maybe you smoked weed the day before bc u had been arrested for possession in the past. This has no bearing on the case bc you were the victim, but if you say yes i did smoke yesterday, the defending lawyers could try to paint you as being stoned on the day you were hit therefore deflecting blame from their client and placing it on you. i mean, people, if you dont know what the fuck your talking about, dont say shit because a mojority of you are dead wrong. and this is shit all citizens of the US should know, bc at the end of the day any of us could be in a similar position.

  • Genesis

    He can’t save you……. I was talking to myself.

  • Black Shady

    LMAO this is a joke right?????? the whole vid??? thats what I thought when i watched the video

    …and then I read the comments…!!! yall tellin me this is real? WTF

  • the finishline

    He just left Rikers he’s not incriminating himself anymore! Stupid as lawyer!

  • brian

    wayne been lik dat since dem hot boy days…… wen somebody a ask him a question bout some stupid shit or a nigga he was beefin wit in the rap game, he a say “who” and keep sayin it… this aitn nothin new

  • koO

    lmao @Me. stay dumb yo

  • Mykal1999

    The questions do pertain to the case!!!! Wayne brought the lawsuit on because he doesn’t like the way he’s portrayed in the movie. That’s why the lawyer (albeit a crappy one) was asking questions about how he feels the public perceives him as well as questions about his criminal past. The lawyer was trying to connect Wayne’s real life with the life that is portrayed in the movie. I got to admit, this is hysterical, but it’s nothing to mimic. Why would Wayne invest his own time and money into something if he’s not going to take it seriously? If you are going to file a lawsuit, at least be professional about the process. In the end, he’ll be out the money and there’s going to be a movie out there portraying him in a way that he doesn’t agree with. He loses

  • slick

    don’t try that in your personal life the judge will hit you with contempt with the quickness

  • crysis

    wayne is stupid and not very smart. he brought this on and he should answer the questions. not be a dumbass. how he portrays himself i would say a gay ass skateborder that has an identity crisis going on. he just showed his true ignorance and maybe shouldnt of signed on the dotted line for that quincey movie then huh. anyway he will lose that fight just with this disposition he didnt help himself one bit.

    hats off to the retard lil wayne derp to der.

  • Tbones

    Fucking idiots with boring lifes up in this bitch thinking this fuckery is funny in anyway. Damn.
    @B.Dot, it appears u dnt knw the meaning of hilarious, check ur dictionary next time b4 posting.

  • County Of Kings

    @Me. i hope somebody save you from yourself. thats some selfish ass dumbshit u talking. if the judge gives u a 100yrs u cool cuz u didnt wanna say yes your honor or no your honor? get the fuck outta here wit that chief keef/ waka flaka way of thinking nigga.

    and when they give u a 100yrs cuz u wanted to be defiant, make sure u keep your dumb ass kids away from mine, cuz i’m sure they will think dad is cool being defiant and never being here to raise me cuz he doing a 100yrs cuz he wanted to be a real nigga, or be a g. fuck outta here kid. grown men do shit not cuz they want to, sometimes cuz they have to cuz its about more than just them.its the influence they have on those that look up to them. somethin u and lil wayne dont understand.

  • On the real, the questions that were asked were VERY POORLY put together. I’d have been offended too if asked so many aweful questions.

  • Suge

    Hopefully 2pac back, bout time people stopped worrying about money and what not, and started standing for something.

  • Bo Nation

    Cosign @Me….U REAL niggaz t”ake notes…Stop “snitch”in on urself. I respect wayne for this. He cant save u in the real world and u gon get this work.
    **wayne looks at the judge** “Naw…he gon get this work”

  • IM730

    Let me just say a few things and ima stop.. But y’all think that Wayne and his lawyers and Co. have never been to a deposition hearing before?? This dude got like 9 kids he’s probably be to one for at least 3 of them for child support. You think these chicks just gonna take his word on that?? No they have a deposition hearing for that too. Also all his I don’t know answers were completely his lawyers doing. In fact they woulda probably like that to be his answer all the way through. Also do you think his lawyers wouldn’t stop him if he crossed any lines. They make bank off dude. I find this to be hilarious. And way less important than you guys make it out to be.

  • Kemosabi

    The legal system is a joke the answers to such questions should be as well. Kudos Wayne

  • Money man

    Weezy got the G-Code on-lock…. I dont know. lmfao

  • Good Guy Greg


    It’s a joke they’re asking him these questions when this shit is already documented. Fucking waste of our tax dollars right here…. smdh

  • Foekist


  • ?

    @Me yeah ok homie i reeeeally believe that if you ever even been to court that you really acted this exact way and are free i’m sorry you’re so G wow you a “real nikka” my bad cause you know you right lemme get 100 years to prove my G’ness to everybody and waste my life lol good luck with that man and what you fail to realize which is what i’ve been getting at is that it’s not about bowing down or anything it’s being smart ok if you don’t have mastery of self in this world it’s only a matter of time before you fuck yourself over if you want to TRULY rebel against the system then you need a brain ok because getting locked up cause you were a dick aint some grand act of martyrdom that will inspire people to rise up they’re just gonna say “there go that dumb ass nikka who got locked up over stupid isht”. Your way of thinking is exactly how the system wants you to think so that they can make you their jailhouse worker and profit off of your incarceration. You seem to forget Wayne is acting like this cause it’s a CIVIL suit like homie before said that HE initiated go pull up the footage from when he was in court for the weapons possession case and tell me if he was acting so cavalier then.

  • touchNwho

    Quincys’ lawyer was asking the most dumb questions though, so of course wayne is giving him a hard time, but since wayne himself filed the suit he should take it slightly more seriously but in all honesty, I think wayne truly knows he doesnt have a good case here so he’s just fucking around now

  • Reginald

    Google – Rapper Kenny Thomas

  • floridaboy

    that guy “Me” a fuckboy.

  • M.T

    LOL i cant breathe. This shit was too funny.

  • funny dude indeed

  • Is he violating any probation rules by talking like that?

  • That Guy

    lil’ wayne is a clown. no true man talks like that, he sounds like a school boy.

  • Me

    Look at all these potential snitches in here Smh

  • Ten Macaroni Necklaces

    LMAO. classic!! I called dibs on the “He Can’t Save You” username.

  • Lloyd

    Some idiot just swid fuck mmg, what has mmg gotta do withnthis….this shit funny as fuck tho



  • Trevor

    “I’m sorry that’s my psychic” lmaooo

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    i love how wayne tries so hard to be a stuck up bad ass makes himself look like an ignorant prick

  • Talk is Cheap

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! I don’t like Weezy but he handled that well!

  • TRAV


  • TRAV


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  • ay


  • How Wonderful…

    Only a fool threatens someone on camera while being recorded, this was far from funny

  • classic

  • County Of Kings

    yall must not realize that if he were talking to jayz or dr. dre or somebody he would speak to him with respect, like an adult.

    he talking down to wayne because he sees him as a child. he asking him clown questions cuz he is a clown. so yall sayin wayne is acting the way he is acting because of the questions. i’m saying the questions are stupid because the person is stupid.
    first impressions do matter, and when u walk in a court room, dressed like the court jester, how can u get mad when ppl treat u with no respect, he doesnt earn respect with his appearance.
    u should be allowed to wear watever u want, and i should be allowed to treat u how i want based on that. so u dress like a whore, i’ma pull my dick out and ask for some head. feel me

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