• lol not this loser again *turns Max B back on*

  • Loaded

    fuck this house nigga. *turns Miguel back on*

  • det

    this ole poor man’s version of conspiracy brother *turns Danny Swain back on*

  • midwestteam

    Don’t talk bout him..he holds it down STRONG better than plenty of “artist” out here. AND he from the Chi..Midwest ALL DAY!

  • Midsize Jerm

    Not gonna lie, this album was assssssss. Felt much more like “Lasers pt. 2” then a follow up to Food & Liquor. All he does is bitch and moan, yet offers no solution. I’m not against politically motivated rap at all, but son does the same shit on every song. Raps a political verse, someone repeats some shit he says word for word on an uninspired hook, then he raps an unrelated verse, same fuckin hook, repeat. Every song the same way. Why have people featured on you album is they’re not gonna contribute anything? Form Follows Function was OK, but the rest of the shit is pretty much the same. His rhymes just weren’t very good. It’s a bad fuckin’ sign when the best verse on your album is from some random chick Ayesha on the intro…


  • Slim Baller

    You’re dumb^ album was fire. My personal favorite lupe album so far. Dope


    This nigga Lupe said in another interview that he purposely did it to see if the label would actually do it.

  • Devante

    Stop lying *Turns Gorilla Black back on*

  • M.T

    “Not gonna lie, this album was assssssss. Felt much more like

  • Tokyo Tony

    Best……thank GOD for Lu

  • Midsize Jerm

    I did in fact listen to the entire album from start to finish, though there were point I wanted to skip, I felt I owed Lupe enough to at least take the whole thing in. I can’t see why he thinks it would be better as a double album. i don’t think i could’ve handled another disk of that. By the time I get to “Hood Now” I was just sick of the shit he was saying. I felt where he was going with most of the shit, like when he’s talking about how a different species/culture would interpret our culture if they found it preserved, but it just didn’t inspire me at all. I get it, like Lamborghini Angels, I get what he’s trying to say, and to an extent I agree, but it’s not the kind of shit that makes me want to take action. It’s almost like the Occupy Wall Street shit, where everybody is complaining that the government is sooo fucking wrong, which is quite true, yet they have no plan. They’re just pointing out the problem and asking someone else to fix it. Same thing with Lupe. Then he’s talking about the president is “hood now” and I’m just like enough. What’s his point, really? Anyone up on current events can agree with the problems he’s pointing out, but where’s the solution. It all comes off as one complaint after another with no resolution. Instead it’s actually the opposite. By the end he’s just openly criticizing shit saying this and that is hood, but what are you trying to do to get people out of the hood? he’s got that track Heart Donor, which seems to me like him trying to boast about how great of a person, yet at the same time it’s some pandering to a girl shit. That’s about his only topic on the tape except the political commentary, trying to pander to the ladies, but it just doesn’t strike me in a powerful way at all.

    Then you get to the little, IDK what you want to call it, at the end. He’s like “The credits can be found in the CD case”, which just shows how delusional he is. Doesn’t he realize this is 2012 and half the people that hear this shit are gonna have illegally downloaded the shit? Maybe he’s trying to make a point, like oh you should have payed me for this shit so you could see all these people that deserve credit, but honestly it seems corny as fuck. It made me glad I didn’t pay for the shit. People that wanted the credits would go read them them self, if he’s trying to reach an intellectual audience don’t tell them what to do man. After a pretty powerful album full of strong political opinions that just seems like a really weak note to end it on. It deflates his “I don’t give a fuck about what the masses be thinkin” attitude.

    Lupe became a big name off of his verse on “Touch the Sky” and his track “Superstar”. Both are classic, and his verses on those tracks are still fresh to this day. Back in his prime Lupe could balance deeper thought with entertainment value, which is totally lacking on F&L 2. I can respect his desire to make deeper art, but you got to have some balance. Give me a couple tunes I can bump when i’m getting high, some shit for the whip as well as that depressing reality. What he has created is not a concept album, yet a lot of the songs have the same damn concepts. I find it hard to believe he can’t give me a solid rap verse without his bitching on it. The production on this album is top notch, but everything else is stale. The hooks have no depth to him. He seems utterly focused on getting out his message, but he went a little too far and revealed too much of his message, and it gets tiresome quick. There is definitely some replay value for the album as a whole, but there is nothing I can enjoy outside the context of the album. Nothing I can throw on a playlist and vibe to with my homies. If he could have just condensed his points a little bit, or on the other hand, actually made a clear point, then I could get behind the album, but as it stands it’s just a collection of tracks that don’t recognize each other’s presence, and left me feeling tired and unfulfilled at the end.

    But that’s just my opinion.

    And next time, don’t say I haven’t listened to the album I just wrote a long ass response to. That would be a waste of my time and yours. I have a deep respect for hip-hop, which is why I have the opinions I do. I actually LISTEN to the shit, and I suggest you do the same.


  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    Didn’t Prince do the same thing for his The Black Album album cover… Idk why people is taking this by surprise like this is shocking, it’s been done before… But shout out to Lu! I swiped the album off iTunes! Good refreshing music!

  • MOneybags

    Dumb niggas dont understand the substance in the music, theyll rather listen to songs that all have that same sounding beat to make them get hype and dance like bojangles, its a tie with life is good for album of the year in my opinion

  • Doug Heffernan

    This nigga Midsize Jerm wrote a essay explaining why he hates F&L 2.

    You really took time out and typed that shit,Go get some sun my nigga.You just set the record for longest hate comment smh.

  • KoldCase

    Ill never understand how lupe gets this much hate

    This album was fuckin fire it wasnt better then fnl1 but this shit is def fire

  • akofteam80ty

    ^^^^^^^ ha ha agreed. Typed the longest essay in the world to prove he listened to the album but yet proved that the lyrics went right over his head. Smdh, wow!!
    First off, the whole album has one concept, which was carried out throughout the entire cd. Lyrics were impeccable, inspiring, also provided a solution which makes me say u didn’t understand. Get Yoself a Camry, nigga said get yourself a Camry, get that Lamborghini drive that hoe off the lot, watch it depreciate, and then you’ll understand me. Teaching people to live within their means. I’m not going to counter the whole essay, but you really are a jackass for getting upset because you think he should get with the program an cater to the person who didn’t buy his album, so they could know what they were listening too!!! Wow, I’m done the fuck ha ha ha


    Album is Crazy!

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  • Facts

    This album is nuts….THANK YOU LUPE

  • IM730

    I listened to the album the same way I listen to every new album I’m interested in… while I’m about to fall asleep. And 9 times outta 10 if something I hear sparks my interest or I think it’s tight it wakes me up and I rewind it or play it back. This album did have that a few times. I listen to a wide variety of music and I can basically tell if something is gonna get carried by the masses or if it is just gonna just be another album. Usually because I end up liking what the masses like and vice versa. This album is gonna be liked.

  • so in reality if i allegedly already “acquired” the album id be paying for…

  • Acapella

    U biased ass niggaz are ignorant. This is WAY better than Lasers. Ppl have yet to learn how to just shut the fuck up and LISTEN to an album be4 critiquing it without hearing it.

  • Rich G

    YO the album is DOPE!!!!! anyone thats hating probably arent real fans or their materialistic. Cuz hes not rapping about money,cars,clothes,and hoes or the album doesnt sound like the last Food & Liquor or because he talks about political views and label issues and so on & so on. GTFOH. First you need to listen to the Whole album with out skipping because you dont like the beat. 2nd, its not suppose to sound like the last one is suppose to show growth. Three understand where hes coming. Hes one man trying to spoke for a whole city thats killing itself from within.


  • thebraintrust

    Yo, this album REALLY took me by surprise. Cuz, it’s pretty fucking dope!

    When Lupe spoke about American history on ‘Unforgivable Youth'(highlighting the genocide committted against Native Americans and the toxic spread of capitalism) I was blown away.

    The album is cohesive; both in terms of subject matter & production (a rarity these days). Plus, it’s content is engaging & frightenely original. After the atrocious Lasers, I’m glad to say Lupe’s back.

    You’d be a fool not to cop this.