• Rick Mahorn’s barber and T.I.’s old mail man

    I never thought I’d see Tip look so lame. Tall socks and what not (shakes head..looks for King CD).

  • Black Shady

    who cares if he got long socks………..more like Wayne needs to stop with that skatepark bullshit

  • Black Shady

    On second thought you’re right…he’s lame

  • C’mon Son

    ^ I third this co-sign on TI socks, do not follow lil wayne trends King. not a good look for him or you.

  • CaliSteppin

    Long socks> dressing like weezy

  • Daee

    OK Wayne, we get it. You skate. Stop putting mini ramps & skateboarding in videos. Your making it corny as shit. I been skating for 6 years, I know its amazing, but don’t forget what got you were you are. Stop with the poser shit, nigga.

  • Chief Keef’s PR trainer

    @Daee…I cosign that 100%. We all have interests. I love all types of things…but NO ONE gives a damn!! Hell I like books, so I guess in 2012, I need book cases and book marks in my videos.



  • Black Shady

    oh a fake “black shady” wrote the “oh on 2nd thought comment”….how grown up of u Rick Mahorn…
    get ur ass back to school instead of gettin mad on blogs…

  • Khalifa

    Who the fuck cares what socks he’s wearing??? Fuck you people this is what’s wrong with society. Just listen to the fucking music. Idc what he’s wearing if the songs dope then I’m happy

  • Khalifa

    By the way WIZ too sexy on that new cover.

  • Black Shady

    Naw, I’m tripin. I wrote that, lol!

  • Rajon chrondo

    how many times can they shoot the exact same video….

  • @ Rajon chrondo

    I know right…

  • Slim Baller

    Gon be a dope song. Wish it was lex Luger on the boards

  • his socks? for real? lame ass estrogen filled dudes on here..

  • DoinTooMuch

    Fuck what they wearin, let’s just hope the song doesn’t disappoint