• X_0

    mama jones…..really shoulda stopped smoking atleast 20 years ago…..her voice is like sandpaper

  • Yaaaauuuppp

    This is hard right here…

  • Mike

    Damn it man, keep ya mom’s out the studio. Then again, in this tune she’s not ccalling herslef a bitch.

  • Dashing

    This is a whole different flow/sound and direction for Freeway. I think it’s not a bad look. Gotta update the formula. Word to Guru.

    If the hook was tighter this joint could be a real banger.

    Mama Jones though? Smh.

  • Hui Lu Kim

    how unfitting. we’re loosing freedom of speech daily.

    Forget yelling “fire” in a theater. go ahead, make a threat against Obama online right now and see freedom of speech.

    Say that you disagree with gay marriage, or homosexual is sin publicly, or in media and see if there’s freedom of speech.

    It’s now Limit of Speech

  • Freee !

    Video interview B.O.B in Paris http://leblacketlaplume.com/2012/09/25/video-b-o-b-interview

  • anonymous

    I like how Free switched up his style and went grown man, he came hard.

  • Black Shady

    Big props to Free….he keeps dropping good music

  • jinx