New Video: Jaden “The Coolest”

Looks like The Fresh Prince has an heir to the throne. Yesterday, Will’s baby boy Jaden, released a video in support of his upcoming

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  • nick riveria

    not bad at all..a lot better than that willow smith bullshit . he is definitely the young fresh prince

  • Produced by Allan Cole (aka Algorythm) of The Stuyvesants! The beat is from the 2011 two-volume project The Finer Things. Jaden “borrowed” it.

  • Dope dope dope

  • monsignor

    Will Smith is French?




  • dope but somebody wrote that for him

  • Ivy Blue Hov

    he got that good hair too

  • Exile

    Not bad I know he didn’t write it,but it was decent.

  • onenutned

    can’t hate.

  • Lantern Core

    lol, who wrote it?

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    Maybe he didn’t write it but he got flow

  • Doug Heffernan

    Spiritual lyrical miracle…..I hate when niggas rap like that,I had to cut this shit off after 50 seconds.

  • PPrrootteesstt

    ^He didnt spiritual lyrical miracle rap on this.

    But uh…this was wack. His crew called the Misfits but this nigga is…nevermind

  • Peekay

    this is cool…..if you’re a 12 year old girl

  • Kobe

    Did you have to diss Future though?

    HipHop is the only genre in music that puts artists in a box and y’all call it an art? Why can’t we appreciate the diversity? Isn’t that what art is about? Best HipHop blog my ass.
    Y’all suck certain rappers dick and constantly hate on others. Fuck is up with that?

  • Not bad @ all

    Video interview B.O.B in Paris

  • This came out pretty good. Clean Rap HIT ME FOR BEATS @ONEMANBEATS

  • Sounds like it was written by Big Sean.
    Good for the young’n’.

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  • Scrilla(I make more money in a week than this blog ever has since it was created)

    Better than Future? Kill yourself in the worst way possible, Big Homie and when you do I want the video so I can have a laugh of a nobody that committed suicide

  • FTW

    Dope Enough.

    That’s that 9th grade Study Hall flow.


  • dragon

    looks like a young will

  • Bertie

    Absolutely terrible, this is what’s wrong with rap music.

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  • Throne

    Word to @Doug Heffernan subliminal in your swimming pool

  • R

    She raps better Niki the clown

  • R

    She raps better than Niki the Clown

  • chills thrills

    good for the youngster,,,,,have fun fuck it,,,,,its a cool tune,,,,wish i could be a teenager in this era,,id be fucking teachers gettin good grades,,having mad fun,,,,shit is gravy now,,,word up

  • Not bad @ all.

    Sounds like Ma$e and Big Sean had Will Smith’s baby.

  • St810


  • Mattyboy

    I kinda dig it for a kid rapper he’s better than Diggy!

  • VinnyCon

    Dont believe he wrote ill wait for more material

  • MR.M

    @Mattboy haha i agree with you cuz

  • Name Withheld

    Surprisingly good, I must admit!!! Keep up the good work, Jaden

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