New Video: Jean Grae “Kill Screen”

If you got a good eye, you gonna dig this. Directed by Jean Grae herself, here’s the treatment behind the bonus cut off her upcoming Gotham Down LP.


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  • Miz

    This is lyrical slaughter! Jean is nasty on this.

  • Dope as always! Real emcee and visionary.

  • ironic

    much props, jean…

  • WHyEven

    Why do rappers seem to be infatuated with Showing Videos of themselves half dead???
    That Always Bothers me. Stop Speaking Death into your lives.

  • PPrrootteesstt

    ^You must be one of those niggas that thinks they’ll live forever. Death is inevitable, so if somebody chooses to foreshadow their own death, I don’t see why it should bother anyone.

  • ^Ignore WHyEven.
    He just wants to show Bro’s and Hoes in every vid. With emphasis on the Bro’s!

  • Dopest female MC hands down

    Video interview B.O.B in Paris

  • Dopest female MC hands down

    Video interview B.O.B !

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  • Obama

    “the treatment”? fuck are you talking about??

  • FTW


    Dope piece of work.

    She filmed, directed and edited this… damn, I’m impressed.

    We love you Jeanie.


  • Donn

    Shortie can spit but it’s kind of boring. That’s the only thing, to have an impact you have to at least be unique and have movement. For instance, and not comparing anyone to Biggie, but BIG gave you lyrics and hit you with movement in his flow. Some artists just stop spitting just say WHOOO, or laugh, give you some type of energy and charisma and personality. HAving lyrics is just one part of it. There’s more elements that go into it then just being able to spit

  • JPL


  • Marko-V

    Co-sign everything Donn said


  • FTW

    lmao… Donn has no idea what he’s talking about.

    Jean Grae is a legend… All that shit your talking about doesn’t apply…