• Midsize Jerm


    Why would a rap blog, which I dare say caters to a predominately male audience, showing footage of a pop star’s perfume launch? You really think we’re about to go out and pop bottles of this shit Big Homie? I’m not lookin’ forward to when she gets on American Idol, because you know every 2 or 3 posts on this site is gonna be clips of Nicki from American Idol, yet none of them will have anything to do with rap….


  • BITCH ASS NIGGA ABOVE ME ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^6

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Im hearing William L. Roberts is launching a new men’s cologne that smell like Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

  • urrrr

    i dont wanna smell like RATS ASS

  • Cruel Thing

    Shut the fuck up Big Homie, no one’s gonna buy her wack ass perfume

  • R

    Will smell like Silicone Ass Juice and the kids will luv it

  • a thought

    4 years and 2 mediocre albums. (Urban) Music has no integrity haha


    wow..nicki minaj has matured…fully blown faggot

  • Acapella

    Damn, Nicki’s makin bread…and it’s only $50??? All of the lil’ hoodrats are gonna rejoice happily and flood Macy’s nationwide.

  • Leanin’

    Hey, i want yall to Quote me on this: Any Guy that Claims to be a STRAIGHT MALE..and HATES Nicki Minaj is a Quasi HOMO! Come out the Closet Niggaz! FOH! Lmao!!!

  • M.T

    good for her.


    nicki should spread them ass cheeks and let me slip a mickey in there

  • The Rise

    White people will buy this. Since she has been out, she has been turning into a “wanna be” white girl.

  • koO

    lol @ haters. i’d understand simply not caring, but why are u guys mad?