RealTalkNY Interviews Director Aristotle

Aristotle is the face behind some of your favorite music videos. A graduate of St. John’s University, his company By Any Means has directed flicks for the likes of Fabolous, Nas and Young Jeezy to name a few.

Nigel D’s hub caught up with Bronx native to discuss his transition into the game and brand expansion. The BAM hype

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  • rahrahrah

    Nice interview. But it’s not the public school system’s job to expose kids. It’s the job of parents. The problem is that so many of these kids don’t have parents. The education system can’t replace parents.

    Respect to Aristotle for living out your dreams through hard work.

  • HAQ, how does his dick feel?

  • Your absolutely right Rah and I actually said that to myself as I watched this back…but after further thought I think we are both right. Even great parents expect some sort of unconventional exposure when sending their kids to school. Especially in the field of arts. I know a few parents who are great at parenting but not necessarily the most educated. Having sacrificed their education to provide for their family…there is a responsibility that the school system holds in exposing youth to new things.

  • HAQ, its very discouraging that you would comment that. I work extremely hard and have been for quite some time. I am in my 11th year running this company and I’m 29 years old. FINALLY, some people are showing me respect for my effort and you comment that ignorence. We have to do better. Why are we afraid to support eachother? Every other community does.

  • Str8 Like Dat


    Good job on everything brother and great interview! We need more people like you in the industry.

    However, I wouldn’t waste time responding back to people on here that say negative comments. Regardless of what you say, some just come up here to joke and ridicule people who are actually living their dreams. As I’m sure you know, trying to intelligently explain your position and back story to haters on the internet isn’t going to work for those want to see you fail anyway.

    The most effective rebuttal is to just keep winning which is what you guys are going to do. Salute!

  • rahrahrah

    Respect Aristotle,
    I work in public high schools, helping math teachers to be better at what they do, and your comment about the arts is something that I’m going to have to take to heart. I see the kids become so much more engaged when there is a cultural or artistic portion to the lessons. Thanks for reinforcing that.

  • JOHNYblaze

    As an ARTGRAPHIC DESIGN student still working on getting my associates, seeing this interview is def inspiring and something MUCH needed. Im about 6-7 years younger than aristotle is, and have been slacking with finishing but he is SPOT on about the arts and how it is exposed to the urban youth. Its something culturally neccessary and IT is a valueable aspect of hiphop but seems like parents AND a majority of the people dont seem to think that it is a real job or something worth pursuing basically what im trying to say. Keep it up man have been watching your work without knowing the backstory, good interview.

  • First I’ll say that while I do agree that Aristotle is currently better than Hype, it’s not right to make that statement just yet. That’s a comment that one must ask/bring up years from now. While Hype’s vids right now lack a lot, his past videography is STILL TIL THIS DAY NOTHING TO FUCK WITH! In a few years, I’ll revisit that argument.

    About the video, this was very good and inspiring. I really appreciate the way Aristotle approaches his craft. Still has a way to go (it’s never a good thing to become complacent), but he’s come a long way, so salute to that man! Between this post, the Jay/DBusse post, and the Swizz one about the Health Ambassador, I can say these are big wins for urban folk, unlike a lot of other stuff.

  • nofilter

    ok you guys must have bumped ya head over there at RR Aristole has two good videos under his belt both Nas ” The don” & “Bye Bye baby” the rest of his catalog with fab and jeezy and all his other stuff is regular 7d camera bullshit, to compare him to hype is to compare Leonardo Da Vinci to a 3rd grader who just learned to color in the lines… im sure b dot is his boy so hes showing his boy some love but you jumping out the window with that he better than hype shit…keep it real!!!! aristole one day you will be a good director and props on all your growth but you are no where near hype