Swizz Beatz Named NYC Health & Hospitals Ambassador

Swizz Beatz’s resume keeps growing. Recently, the producer was named Global Ambassador of New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation.

As an ambassador, his duties will include bringing awareness and financial assistance to their various programs and initiatives. According to Executive Director Joe Schick:

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  • Cruel Thing

    I’m not much of a Swizz fan but this man is making major moves


    LOL at that pic, but props to Swizzy

  • edi

    Jay z and now Swizz they’re going to take over NY………………

    Vote for Senator of NY mr Carter………………………..


    health ambassador??? I think LL Cool J would be more reputable for that position, he’s been openly health conscious for years. But congratz to Swizz

  • lll

    A guy with a cigarette in his hand, how ironic.

  • How Wonderful…

    I dont get it, I know highly educated people with college degrees in NYC who would be qualified for this, but a rap producer gets the position.WTF!! The rich keep getting richer. Im all for making as much as you can, but working class people need those positions. Real life struggles are bigger than rap/hip hop.

  • lll


  • SWIZZY! That’s a power move and I hope black people can continue or start to be inspired to have these types of ambitions!

    @How Wonderful

    You missed the point entirely. Swizz is an “Ambassador” who will be used to bring “awareness and financial assistance”

    Your friends may have degrees and such (God bless them for that as I hope everyone goes on the same path), but none of them are on the social level as Swizz Beatz. This is a PR position pretty much. No one knows your friends on that level, so that can’t bring awareness like that. This is also a tough economy, so would you be more liable to find out a situation through ordinary people or celebs? I’ll let you tell it.

  • How Wonderful…

    @ 7th Emerson

    I feel you, but again how do you select someone to represent “the people’ who dont represent “the people.” Swizz isnt living like the majority of people in NYC. He has money, power, priveledge and access to resources. Can he bring awareness? Absolutely, but people arent falling for the okeedoke anymore. Real people solve real problems and Swizz doesnt have halkfthe problems like the majority of NYC residents. Thats what the problem is. I understand that he was selected as the ambassador, but its like endorsing a product that you dont use. Did he and Alicia keys have problems providing for thier baby? No. But many people do. You have some good points, but youre a tad bit disillusioned. Swizz is far disconnected from us “regular people” Swizz may have knowledge of the struggle, but he aint struggling, he aint eating out of the garbage can and his love ones have excellent health care. The smoke will clear son. However 7th Emerson I do respect the intellect that you brought to the table.

  • Kunta Kente

    Alicia Keys is keeping this nigga relevant

  • Johnny Coke


  • @How Wonderful

    But that’s the thing. Swizz used to live like the “regular people” (look back at his Ruff Ryder days with Dee and Wah). He was hood then, gully even, but can we fault him because he thought to achieve better for himself? Because he made it out the hood, can we say he doesn’t represent “us” anymore? The man has discussions and ambitions to write film music, displays different visions of his interpretation of fashion, and brings up art pieces from urban based artists. He’s not talking that crack talk or weed head discussion. He’s not endorsing headphones (currently anyway) or singing about crispy chicken snack wraps. The man is somewhat of an inspiration, the way I see a Jay-Z or a Common.

    Also, this wasn’t a position that was made up all of a sudden for Swizz. Im sure the duties and the position existed under a different name and what not, but Swizz was brought in as that person more than likely wasn’t getting the job done. This is why they bring celebs in to bring awareness, because God knows that when “regular people” are the ones talking, a vast majority of the masses aren’t listening or don’t know where to look in the first place.

    Far from disillusioned…….

  • How Wonderful…

    @ 7th Emerson
    Once again, I feel you. Thanks for the intellectual convo. One Love Brother.

  • That Guy

    Can this be? A civil dispute that didn’t end in an ugly exchange on Rap Radar? It’s like catching a unicorn.

  • How Wonderful…

    This can Be. Some of us are highly civilized individuals.

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