• hahaha i did Fiasco Friday and i kind of wonder if that affected this decision in any way

  • dunnydundun

    I think its a good move… let’s get a real bond with companies and artist like there once was.

  • Seems interesting. I’m curious if it’ll be similar to RocNation’s style.

    Sidebar: who was throwing middle fingers at the guy?

  • kareem

    tall israeli, smart as fuck. still don’t like him, though. ha.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    This is a very good move by Lyor sometimes i forget he went to the University of Miami.

  • bylaw99

    Ironic right after Chris Lighty dies Lyor leaves a position he’s had almost his entire to career just to manage artist all of a sudden….maybe I’m reaching but I wouldnt leave a ceo/president position just to be someones manager. Seems weird to me.

  • Nathaniel

    i don’t trust jews who “manage” and “guide” our careers. historically, though we have made money, it has overall been a losing game. our ignorance and lack of experience with their resources, history of domination of the industry, and expertise is ultimately exploitation.

    in the future, as things reorganize, we need to step up and gain control over every aspect of this thing from a business and artistic side that we can. it’s primetime, they know it. most of us don’t.

    watch what Kanye is doing with DONDA and his label. watch where Jay is trying to take Roc Nation. you think these guys are solely in it for self. think again.

  • Nathaniel

    and i know lyor has a good rapport among rappers. i know his history. but the amount of money he’s made off our “cool,” our culture stories in rap… is insultingly greater than what we make. our worth vs. what we take home has been something we aren’t truly aware of.

    it’s the same in sports.

  • chills thrills

    woorrrddd!!!!!!!!is that right,,,,,,,da fuck!!!! he putting niggas on?,,,,

  • onenutned

    this nigga was there for a lotta history making shit and it’s nuttin wrong wit rollin with a winner.

  • Chris

    People seem to be unaware or are forgetting his background is management. He started in rap music as the head of Rush Management (management arm of Def Jam).

  • These are the business men behind hiphop .without the business Jay z won’t be making millions of this.sp pay respect where is due!

  • BlackAnastasia

    This fake Jew needs to jump from a cliff

  • Musicjunkie0210

    That’s some Ari Gold type of shit for real for real

  • Young Lucky

    clearly its a bunch of dumb fucks commenting on this post. a nigga who wouldnt let LYOR COHEN guide their career clearly wants to perform in the back blocks of mississippi and alabama for their entire career! niggas fuck up their own bread & opportunities etc and blame whoever! this is one of the most respected mufuckas in the game! you can roll with that bitch miss A/wakas mom if you want to, this niggas my pick!

  • Hannibal Lecture

    Does seem kind of odd that he would start a management company after Chris Lighty dies. All of the violator artists would go to him cause Mona Scott Young is doing reality shows now!

  • Mak

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  • This is still a billion dollar industry… Dont forget it…


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