• brl

    This can’t be Dead Prez? Not sure what I just listened to? *shrugs*

  • Obama

    “Sounds like they haven

  • onenutned

    this sucks dick and balls backwards

  • koO

    ^ all of the above

  • G.O.O.D.BoySwag

    Haven’t lost their touch? Man I used to love these guys. “This is worse than the state of hip hop, hip hop” see what I did there? Do ya?



    WTF??? This the same people who used to make rap music?

  • Hui Lu Kim

    And we’re suppose to believe this dudes actually ghost-wrote for Nas? Riiiiiight


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  • Nickey Negrito

    Where is the song?

    Did u guys remove it?

  • Jus10

    Everybody needs to shove a dick in their mouths. I can’t hear what theses dudes are saying with all the bitching these haters are doing. It’s a new sound, but the same dope lyrics…

    …and to the dude who said something about the Dead Prez/Nas situation, stab yo’self. Just because it’s a future sound doesn’t change the lyrics.

    EVERYONE HERE WHO’S MAD @ DEAD PREZ, you obviously only care about instrumentals. Slap ya’self for disrespecting real lyricism. PROPS 2 DP ON THE NEW MATERIAL!!

  • Mike smiff

    Cmon….This was a NAS track that wasn’t picked for the album..