• Rozay

    Ole Devante Swing Meteor Man head ass nigga, nah just playin, songs alright.

  • brl

    You sir, beat women. And not just a simple slap, you beat the ever living shit out of women. So, there’s that.

  • kbisburning


  • Hui Lu Kim

    Cool, but he’s no R Kelly. Vocal is eh ok.

    Video was some back in the days when they had budgets type joint. This from a movie?

    And to those who constantly bring up his past against him tsk tsk, keep throwing stone since yall have no sins. No sin is bigger that the other, so for the measure yall judge him it is the same that you will meet when your judgement comes.
    Grace will not have a grace period one day and your sins will judged. For someone to have not personally offend you yet your forgiveness is like a weight around his neck, just know you will endure 100x weight around your neck on judgment day.

  • ppp

    I’ll judge you. I’ll judge you right now.

    You’re the embodiment of the term douchebag.

    I hope you get aids.

    Fuck you Chris Brown.

  • IM730

    Whoa woke up on your crazy side of bed today huh guy? You don’t mean that Lil PP. haha
    Bad song title huh?

  • LuxuryRap

    i wonder how you all are gonna feel when CB and Rihanna get back together

  • King Chandler

    Breezy has to cut back on those drugs, dude’s lookin more frail in every video, those cheekbones are startin to poke through. Dope song though, actually I thought his album was dope overall, liked it better than graffiti.

  • PHREASHest

    cosign @Mr Kim. Preach sir!

    Chris was like, “what budget? o_0” on this one. I fucks with this…

  • bold

    @Colin Tilley: I guess when you churn out 3 videos a week, you start to get bored and make dumb shit like this. This video is hilariously bad

  • Loaded

    @ brl nigga you sound like a fag. shut up

  • Crazy

    Sounds very reminiscent of marvin’s room!

  • RapReal

    In order to save the world, we have to strap Chris Brown onto a rocket w/ a warhead and shoot him at an UFO.

    Make it so.

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