E! Confirms Nicki Minaj Reality Show

E! has confirmed that Nicki Minaj has signed on for a reality show airing on the network this November. The three episode series will give viewers a look into her personal and professional life. Must see TV?


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  • Sarcastic A$$hole

    Is bad enough the network has that fake Kardashian show running 24 hours, now this?! Can’t wait for December 21st!

  • twitty

    shut the fuck up
    the kardashian show is the best shit on TV

  • dmc

    3 episodes, I like how she could have just uploaded them to youtube, but needs to put it on tv because no one will watch them on youtube…


  • Ten Macaroni Necklaces

    ^ no, probably because TV money shits on youtube money if there even is such a thing

  • Ten Macaroni Necklaces

    will there be plenty ass shots?

  • PistolPistol

    circus act. not a rapper
    still tap it doe

  • the realist

    LOL at 3 episodes

  • onenutned

    get’cha money.

  • ayyeee

    They better show some ass in one of them episodes lol

  • suckit

    sounds like torture

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Shout out to Scaff Beezy aka S.B. milk this situation until the wheels fall off playboy.

  • #Bermuda Movement (Bermuda Triangle)

    Propa feat. Mz. Malz, BLAC, KD Da Beast, J-Silva & Wonder Woman

    “Black Rum & Coke (Remix)”

    [Southern Hip-Hop]

  • Doug Heffernan

    DMC is dumb as shit LMAO…..Nicki Minaj can get a baby by me though

  • woah

    its funny how we hate on hot women also…

  • koO

    lord please give her to me

  • R

    She is officially the Higest paid Fakest Clown ever! We need to see more of the i gotta take a mean shit face! They should match her pay of 12 million for each show. Talent is out Fakeness is in Wake Up Dumbassss!

  • Donn

    She’s relevant because of u guys, u have an opinion on everything she does, ignore her till she goes away, don’t like her ignore her

  • yaysayer

    when people start to super saturate the market with themselves, they soon go away because people start caring.

  • JustMyOpinion

    @ dmc

    400,000 people cancelled their cable service, last year. More importantly, people don’t watch tv as much they used to.

    Feel free to read the article, for yourself: http://www.forbes.com/sites/davidthier/2012/08/03/400000-american-homes-ditch-cable-and-cord-cutting-is-here-to-stay/

  • Regardless of how we feel about Artists and their music ,remember they chose to skip 9-5 and chase their dreams ,Nicki is still chasing her dreams and so far so GOOD.lets be happy for others success to magnetize the same .God bless

  • Seven

    Plenty of @%& shots i hope. I’ll watch…but probably on mute.

  • floridaboy

    i’d fuck her in dat pic 🙂

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