Jay-Z Recites New Verse At Barclays

“Ball so hard, I don’t respect the fuckin’ referees”

The Barclays Center opened its doors this evening with Hov’s first of 8 sold-out shows. Currently in progress, Hov interrupted his set for an acapella of a new verse. Watch it, he’s got shooters on his team.


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  • Statdefine

    Get em hov

  • Inside I’m Ice!, Outside I’m Lava!

    Wait til he uses “Inside I’m Ice, Outside I’m Lava!”, damn it man!

  • M.T

    haha we need a new jayz album .

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    New verse or wack freestyle? Hmmm.

  • ameriboy

    this guy could say anything and ppl would cheer


    that wasn’t all that great to be honest

  • newschool

    new verse…serios..could just imagin the beat…its just different.feels good…trending# rappers with there own stadium…

  • shizzle

    wasnt that great but hopefully its just a tiny piece of an epic song, jay knows we need a new solo from him, but of course we prolly gotta wait a year for it


    I hope the song is better because that was awful. It must be so deadly to be jay z that even when you spit garbage people think its classic.

  • veesky

    It was chill (and I’m a Jay Stan) bamas act like he was on his “Nigga What, Nigga Who” flow. This was more akin to his verse on “3 Kings”, simple, humorous

  • Jaymalls

    I don’t think anybody in rap can control a crowd quite like Jay-Z…

  • Hui Lu Kim

    ameriboy says:
    Friday, September 28 2012 at 11:13 PM EST
    this guy could say anything and ppl would cheer


    stuff be good but average. it’s his demi god complex they look to smh

  • #Bermuda Movement (Bermuda Triangle)

    Propa feat. Mz. Malz, BLAC, KD Da Beast, J-Silva & Wonder Woman

    “Black Rum & Coke (Remix)”

    [Southern Hip-Hop]

  • nosamyrag

    This isn’t a new verse b. This is what you call, a freestyle.

  • doc jr.

    i like jay-z . he’s a slightly conscience rapper, who also likes to talk shit and brag about his money and drug dealing days, but he genuinely likes to see people happy and enjoy themselves in life.

  • Black Shady

    the nigga who said Jay could say anything and they’d cheer is so right lmao

    i was expecting that bragging bout having a team/shooters…it was just a matter of time

  • Truth

    ummm yeah … 🙁 hiphop’s wack now. means to an end, that’s all it is

  • onenutned

    rich nigga rap…zzzzzzzzz

  • a few people who went said theyve been to way better hov concerts..

  • @docjr
    Good way to put it !

  • 3rdRail

    “This is Rich Porter part 2…” I bet that line went over 90% of that crowd. Respect to Jay for keeping his name alive.

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  • Nickey Negrito

    I can see Jay got that battle rapper swag. Got the horns in the background like Lux had after every dope bar he spitted at Calico. Seems Jay may get back on that bullshit, and when i say bullshit, i mean that real good bullshit. Dope verse. It wasn’t even a full 16 at all. More like 6, possibly 8.

  • Nickey Negrito

    @Neighborhood dopeman @HJOOD @Shizzle @BBgun @Truth ….like damn, it was probably a freestyle. Hov doesn’t write, so for a person who’s been doing this since you niggaz was 5, 6, 8 can rap something real quick. The boy intelligent and slick with the tongue.

    It was for the crowds pleasure. It really wasn’t for the internets at that moment. Dudes act like Jay don’t have bars. How the hell Jay make it this far in the game? Damn sure not for being corney.

    A 6 bar freestyle and is niggaz criticizing it like its a Blueprint 4 album…lmao

    Y’all gonna get this work!

  • FTW

    It wasn’t technically good but Hov is officially elite.

    People will pay just to hear his voice, eight bars and the world considers themselves lucky.

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  • Lil Gayne

    fuck this old nigga
    he needs to retire already
    he aint never the greatest rapper of all time
    thats just propaganda he uses for himself

  • Nickey Negrito

    Coming from an individual who hides under the name of “Lil Gayne.” Lmao

  • Romo

    Killed it ….. Hov still got that wit … I got shooters on my team!!! 6 bars or not y’all niggas hating go listen to ya Super Lupe rap haters

  • Beaming

    Don’t tell em I told ya but this his verse of meek album !!!!!

  • vest

    If yall dont get off his dick already jayz is ok the verse was ok nothing special the media helped overrate him hes been overrated hes not the goat never will be and most if his black fans cant relate cause their broke jayz helps them escape the harsh realities or life with all that boasting about material shit go away already