• Lupe u made a big mistake with this album you listened to the hiphop nerds
    U did preachy music with a real hiphop sond thats only gonna get love from the underground heads which means your gonna flop…smh

  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    I doubt he even cares at this point even if that was the case. After his next album he’s going independent anyway!… Btw, I bought a copy off iTunes amd was completely satisfied with my purchase.

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    Wanna know what rhymes with lupe ?

    Gay .

  • Kat

    Awesome performance – love love love it!

  • meezy

    massive Lupe fan. Guy Sebastian is a fucking fag though. no disrespect to homosexuals.

  • Obama

    @meezy… Yeah cause “Lupe” isn’t a fucking fag… This dude is 100% garbage.. One every level…

  • Da Business

    F&L 2 is dope, yeah it may not do #’s, but as a fan I’m more than satisfied.
    Like someone said earlier, Lupe doesn’t care about #’s. Once he goes independent he’s core fans will continue to support him. Lupe is the best emcee of this generation. Bar 4 bar none of these news cats can fuck w/ him.

    Lasers wasn’t as bad as ppl made it seem.

  • Obama

    @da business… “Lupe doesn’t care about #’s”… Yeah he’s not doing promo, he’s just really good friends with David Letterman and wanted to hang out and do a song for him without realizing it would be broadcast… NIGGA LUPE WANTS TO SELL RECORDS AS BAD AS ANYBODY ELSE. How else is he gonna pay for his Rolex an shit…

  • Sue -australia

    Cant believe some of you people with your comments
    Its real simple if you dont like a sound dont listen to it – but dont whinge !!!!!!!
    If no one bought his sounds then there may be some substance to your negativity but the figures show otherwise – and results say it all

    for all who reckon the sounds are no good – When do we hear your first album??
    usually the way that those with the neg comments dont and never will have an song – let alone one on the charts

  • Ten Macaroni Necklaces

    ^ somebody convert this to English?