Nicki Minaj Gives Lil Wayne A T-Rex

Guess Nicki missed the memo on no gifts. Nonetheless, Weezy was surprised for his 30th born day with a $70,000 1,000 lb red three-wheel T-Rex from YMCMB’s first lady. Clear the road.

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  • kpamma

    T-Rex as a present? I”m pretty sure they are extinct.

  • M.T

    thats crazy.

  • Ten Macaroni Necklaces

    my dumb ass clicked play expecting to see a dinosaur

  • Sarcastic A$$hole

    That ain’t nothing, drizzy gave him a b/j!

  • IamRealTalk ( I WANT MY CREDIT N I WANT IT NOW !!! – Roscoe Dash Voice ) – God Forgives I Dont is Officially PLATINUM 1.3MILLION SOLD WW –


  • iamRealTalk…i feel you on that…he was all over nicki and SB kept butting in with the cornball comments…lol

  • Cruel Thing

    Damn, I saw one of those the other today

  • #Bermuda Movement (Bermuda Triangle)

    Propa feat. Mz. Malz, BLAC, KD Da Beast, J-Silva & Wonder Woman

    “Black Rum & Coke (Remix)”

    [Southern Hip-Hop]

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    Lmao. A T-Rex? I see dudes in the hood driving these daily. When this skateboarding ass nigga Weezy gonna drive this shit? Never. And yeah SB is a B.A.N. Nobody respects him. Not even Nicki.

  • Mischief

    “Why you spend all this money on this when you got what I want for free, (Dat Ass)?” – Wayne in his head

  • SB?

    who the fuck is SB?

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    lil wayne so upset about the no gifts policy he cant even put his shirt on all the way

  • Black Shady

    video so gay

  • Faded 3000

    @ten macaroni
    me 2 ha

  • R

    Lil Wayne wears Pink with have his stomach showing nah he aint gay rg8 like Niki aint a fucking fraud as Clown Rg8 Rg88888!

  • @wuzupsupa

    wow how can hate on this honestly, lol yall really amaze me some time.. damn, i aint know it was that much hate in world yo #SMH

  • if yall believe that left the dealership, yall buggin..

  • Peekay

    Oh good. I’m sure he needed it

  • Del

    rich dude receiving an expensive gift… now that’s news

  • brian

    niggaz i living they life ya wish ya can live and aint worried bout the hatin….. niggaz go stil get money

  • BK

    They fuckin

  • Young H.O

    So while Jay’s making history YM is spending money foolishly. What a surprise.