• Devante

    * waits for diss track *

  • ?

    Damn all this nikka do is fight

  • Nathaniel

    this nigga is far too old to be throwing fists at niggas like a lil child. get angry and go bang on shit. what kind of bull shit is that for a father in his 30’s to be doing? c’mon son. damn…

  • Killuminati

    None of you fresh fish niggas couldn’t do a year

    Let alone a life sentence

    I know R&B niggas harder than yall

    Nigga Lyfe Jennings

    Lloyd tried to rob my bank and got his fucking life ended
    Now that I think about it dog, im starting to like prison

    Next niggas get out of line I stick my knife in them – GAME

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Mr. Bi-Polar is at it again.

  • mike

    LOL @ the white girl bobbin to mercy (0:41)

  • How Wonderful…

    @ Mike

    Thank You for pointing that out, i wouldnt have noticed it. That was hilarious. HAHA

  • dodo

    how old is dude?


  • 2pac

    40 glocc’d n rass kass them muthafuckas….

  • Roca fella

    Who da fuck is 211?

  • Del

    Game is gonna get fucked up or killed one of these days… he fuckin’ with too many people, and that’s just in LA alone… it’s sad because the dude has kids and seems like good dad, but if he don’t chill the fuck out it’s gonna happen…

  • K.dot

    dope as fuck, time to knock all those shit talking clowns out…

  • James

    BWS n money gang got game back,so fuck whoever try to kill Game….

  • Black Shady

    LMAO Game always in the middle of some shit

  • Sarcastic A$$hole

    BWS ain’t shit out here in LA and You know it! Anyway is pretty sad that this dudes music talent has been over shadow by twitter beefing and fist fights

  • Funny how if game does sonething hes stupid but if he doesnt do anything hes a fake smh

  • Trent

    tell me why u guys get mad at rappers for being fake and not doing what they rap about.. then Game comes along and backs up the shit he talks and is real you guys still hate on him, personally Im glad hes goin around slapping people cuz rap is boring now anyways

  • EARL

    Someone’s going to die. The Game keep fighting these no name rap niggas. I bet 211 won’t be alive for to much longer. Watch its gunna happen.

  • Trent

    211 is with CTE im pretty sure, Jeezy & Game beef comin up

  • Hannibal Lecture

    211 and Ice Burgundy got it coming! RoseMo not there to protect those bitch ass niggas. And what’s funny 211 is CREATE and Burgundy is Brick Squad lol.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @Trent. Game is a flagrant idiot. You dont see 50 Cent or Jay-Z or Nas getting into fights.

  • lick da kat

    isnt young jeezy the head of CTE?

  • Kunta Kente

    Game only gets in fights with niggas that are affiliated with big name rappers. He will NEVER fight Jay-Z or 50. He also never really has real street beef its always some industry shit… HE AINT ABOUT THAT LIFE, HE AINT ABOUT THAT LIFE

  • yeah

    … says:
    Saturday, September 29 2012 at 12:19 PM EST
    Funny how if game does sonething hes stupid but if he doesnt do anything hes a fake smh

    Trent says:
    Saturday, September 29 2012 at 12:20 PM EST
    tell me why u guys get mad at rappers for being fake and not doing what they rap about.. then Game comes along and backs up the shit he talks and is real you guys still hate on him, personally Im glad hes goin around slapping people cuz rap is boring now anyways

    the irony of rap fans they dont know what the fuck they want. i think they just want to criticize anything a nigga does.

  • OvO

    Remember when nigga thought Game was a real Blood lmao… Chief Keek >>>>> Game

  • Jayz /_

    Lol! Game is on freddie gibbs album wit young jezzy…..

  • OvO


  • Napalm

    @Ovo….N u a cyber face,keep commentin on every game forum!

  • What da hell is wrong with Game? That nigga is always getting in some bulllshit smdh. He always talking about his sons and family and look at what he does? He goes and make a big scene for publicity. One of these days someone is going to murk his dumb ass if he doesn’t take control of his emotions damn son!

  • fuck game

  • Prashant

    Jezzy not gonna beef wit game rather he will kick 211 frm his label….just like a boss!

  • Hannibal Lecture

    @prashant cosign 211 is a bum nigga. Just like waka and Gucci will kick ice Burgundy out of brick Squad. Flunkies who will never drop albums!

  • game’s inaugural staged “incident” on ymcmb…loll

  • big steve

    Mercy bangin in the background

  • dragon

    like how the good music album is playing at waynes bday party.

  • SMH

    Shame man this nigga Game is sad now, the only time hes mentioned is when his fighting, when someone on his shit song breaks some record or when his leased car is being taken away.

    damn hommie when you where with G-Uit youwas the man hommie … now you cant even go gold and yo leased cars are being taken away cause you cant aford them.
    Games like the west coast Young Buck lol

  • @ SMH
    So tru … as soon as he left G-Unit its been down hill for Game.
    Its sad coz hes since been trying to replace the hooks, flows and melodies 50 wrote for him with lil wayne and using whoever is hot to make a hit, and it just didnt work.

    Sad really

  • Trent

    @ZoomZoomDad-Otis lol he’s for sure an idiot but hes born and raised in Compton and so coming from where he’s from if some guy comes up to u talking shit, you’ll probably hit em, Its pretty much like that everywhere but we beg for realness in the rap game and when we get it then we decide we want our rappers to just be characters and not actually do what they say they’re gonna do..

  • Trent

    Plus we already know Game isnt a role model for the kids so what else does he have to do besides beat up whack people, I dont blame him

  • rahrahrah

    no one knows the whole story. everybody commenting. village idiots.

  • lick da kat


  • buking

    grow up game. being a good father also means keeping urself healthy.

  • The Guy

    this nigga tryin too hard

  • hardy! har!

    all ya’ll talking about one day Game gonna get shot or get killed. DUH! Dont ya’ll know thats exactly what Game wants? he wants to get blasted , he wants to be a martyr like 2pac, dumb as fuck, sure, but hey its his life…..*kanye shrug*

  • StackDoe9900

    2eleven not even wit CTEworld no more …. Game my nigga get it in — if he don’t fuck wit u he goin see u wit dem hands … Y’all niggas mad cuz Game ain’t let da money change him — he was gettin it in b4 rap money and he still doin what he do except now he fuckin wit rich niggas and gettin it in at they events …

  • Rozay

    @hardy! har!

    more like stack bundles or Dolla but not 2pac


    That aint shit to be proud of bruh, a bullet can kill anybody no matter how tough you think you are

  • Sudija

    classic clown

  • Fuck A Republican

    Lot of bitch ass niggas commenting on this post. I respect a nigga with hand game. Game just whipping niggas asses that’s all. Immaturity has nothing to do with defending themselves against bitch niggas who start shit. 211 videotape himself and RoseMo jumping bosko. Just like niggas felt sorry for 40 Glocc when Game whipped his ass like he was victimized but goes around and jumps niggas on camera.

  • Hops

    Hold on isnt 211 in CTE? Isnt Jeezy n Game mad cool n been hanging out lately doing songs n videos? Game knocking out niggas like it aint nutten tho lool 40 Glocc bith ass now 211

  • nice

    lol game mad at 50 for beffen but he foloow in his fathers footsteps……

  • The thing is when your the type of dude who’s credibility gets questioned so much, sometimes you go from 0-600 trying to overcompensate and prove a point. Those type of niggas are dangerous not because they super-gangster, but because they want you to believe they are, at any cost.

    Most dudes that’ll kill you ain’t the ones with that rep already, it’s the nigga trying to get it. Game’s that type of dude always trying to make you believe he’s that real, but sooner or later he gon run into that same type of dude trying to prove shit, and that’s when he’ll be in trouble..

  • @likdacat Game is in no way, shape or form a better rapper than Kanye.

  • Jaymalls

    LMAO at “Mercy” blasting in the background! GOOD Music!

  • Diondon

    LOL Sleezy’s crew of “real niggas” gets exposed once again.

  • Evil

    Game was not at fault here.This rapper called 211 approached him and started talking shit so Game slapped the sucker.
    Good for Game,dont take shit from anyone.

  • #Bermuda Movement (Bermuda Triangle)

    Propa feat. Mz. Malz, BLAC, KD Da Beast, J-Silva & Wonder Woman

    “Black Rum & Coke (Remix)”

    [Southern Hip-Hop]

  • Donn

    Do what u rap about your dumb. You don’t your fake. U can’t win

  • Dam did you hear the bass on that Mercy track at the club. Dam! That is all

  • Lhead

    Game dont want no problems with CTE betta ask Gucci

  • R

    Who the fuk is 211 Game stays stuntin on these no name rappers lmao

  • Fuck A Republican

    @Lhead what does that mean Gucci bodied one of them niggas.

  • King E

    Mercy Banging in the background of Wayne’s Party, Game getting kicked out for altercations.


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  • Sorry, but you guys are hypocrites..you’ll sit there on “blackout” or twitter and decry violence… say that oh we can’t look like this as a culture blah blah… as of right now two of your top 5 posts are about fights at an award show & another one is about a fight at party…..can’t be all things to everyone.

  • lick da kat

    game stay beastin on these bitch niggas. lol