• edi

    and the due is still relevant…………….

    take notes…….

  • Skinny

    I remember Bleek going off on that intro this isn’t that classic album where every track was outstandingly perfect it was classic in the sense of the body of work as a whole and how it had the streets on fire plus his first crossover hit which was big for his career

  • Post no billz

    wow i bet dame grease is heated the ruff ryders blocked him frm making potential hits with hov.. that 98 dame grease n hov callabo wouldve been crazy..

  • Black Shady

    Dame grease got dem beatsssss

  • For whatever reason, Darrin

  • bumpy johnson

    dude pretty much crossed over from that era into the present ……….it’s 2012 and hov still hanging there at the top … unbelievable stuff ……..

  • marco

    If michael jackson was a rapper instead of pop singer he would be Jay z. HKL album still sounds good til’ this day, i remember when i first heard this song , and saw the video in 1998 and for some reason i knew jay would pretty much be where he’s at today,

  • I remember riding with my unc in his 88 listening to this album. heard nigga what, nigga who and was like “who is this”. then the next song had DMX on it and I copped that album the next day

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