Jay-Z’s Grand Opening At Barclays

While the sold out Barclays Center waited for Hov’s arrival, he finally emerged on his home court and opened up the show with “Where I’m From” and “Brooklyn We Go Hard”. Perfect grand opening.

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  • Nathaniel

    when you add up all the factors. all of them. the reality of that shit above is fucking crazy. if that ain’t historic, i don’t know what is.

  • really23


  • bold

    goddamn, that video is the american dream come to life. wish i coulda gone

  • WMJ

    Co-signing @Nathaniel: History is exactly what it is; when he opened with Where Im From…I got goose bumps.

    Elders tell me stories of a time in Brooklyn when if you were Black you couldnt even work at White Castle…..WHITE CASTLE!!! You dont have to like Hova or his music but you cannot/should not tear him down, just because he came up.