i dont even fuck wit’em like dat…….but dis shit GO!!!!!


  • cray


  • Style-LIN on you

    [email protected] Jeezy


  • World renown poet

    Back to smokin and this sounds good

  • Xman

    ^That’s a cigarette.

  • ECU

    GOOD as always

  • mike

    Cudi will smoke a bogey but says no to Kush?

  • dragon

    damn!!! thats some dope ass shit! buying that album for sure!

  • stans

    this guy Cudi jocking a$ap yams swag w/ the preview while smoking a cig.

    Proof: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7F1S8Pe2m_Y

    c’mon son.

  • Jaymalls

    Cudi one of the very few rappers with originality… That rare nigga! The powers in my hair nigga… I have this c section the chair nigga!!!!

  • D Twice

    I wonder if dude will ever get back the buzz he had 3 years ago. A Kid Named Cudi was pure genius and Man on the Moon 1 was great as well but I feel like he lost his spark or something. Regardless he still promotes originality so I still mess with dude.

  • Trent

    @D Twice cosign, I feel like that Creepers song gave dude a lot of momentum, lookin forward to this album

  • dude was hitting that stoge like it was a joint, prolly had weed in it..

  • herbsaac

    Had the worst song on Cruel summer.. Not excited for this shit at all..go back to rock music or cocaine.. or whatever you used to do

  • Heckpot

    Cudi is forever that nigga.

  • floridaboy

    his hooks ALWAYS SOUND D SAME. different words same flow…
    song garbage

  • zezzoi

    For real, i don’t understand why dude went out there and made a big deal out of him not smoking pot anymore. But he still/now smokes cigs…where’s the logic in that

  • Beaming

    Zzz same flow as always still cool but come on’ switch it up

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    bro im really diggin cudi’s new ish again thankgod hes back on that reaaalll deal grind


    @YOUNG JEEZY…..pop my dick out ya mouth SUCKA…..jus cuz u a fan of dis funny nigga dont mean his shit dope…..now i gave it up….cuz i aint for none of dis weird soft shit, but it gotta take a FUCK BOY like u to to start suckin Cudi cock huh…..SMH…..i should slap ya face nigga!! 🙂

  • Cz

    How about instead of a video of you smokin a bogey while bobbin your head around to your own song you just give us a cdq version that isn’t all staticky sounding…

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