Bow Wow New Host Of 106 & Park

Last week, Rosci and Terrence J left their post on 106 & Park. And today, the guy dubbed as “Mr. 106” officially announced he’s taking over along with new hosts Ms. Mykie, Paigion and Shorty Da Prince.

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  • poetic assasin

    rap career over ?

  • Gambino

    sounds like underrated ain’t coming out

  • Ricflair

    ;( wtf

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Mr. 106 & Park now he has a platform to announce all the mixtapes that are going to be coming out


    i’m crying from laughter

  • lmaooooo this is hilarious though. RIP 106 & Park.

  • TheTruthIs…

    106 about to get cancelled …Bring the mother fucking basement back…

  • Brick

    Wow!! And if anybody actually gave a shit about Bow Wow or 106 & Park, this news would actually be relevant!!

  • Kobe

    Damn Bowwow I never went along with the hate you always got but this is just a low, they just better be paying you $10k an episode.

  • nice

    ymcmb winning at least now he get-tn some cash cuz no album out

  • Beaming

    People still watch 106? Zzzzzzz

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    BET should bring back TEEN SUMMIT but if they go that route then the Buffoonery they support now would totally go against its policy.

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    So they have a rapper hosting this show wtf…. And why they got 4 host this ain’t TRL lmao…

  • M.T

    lol this show about to be cancelled. 4 hosts though? but damn imma miss rosci’s fine ass.

  • This actually fits him

  • Kunte Kente

    Meek Mill tracklist looks wack

  • Rocsi

    Terrence took a step up with acting and job at E! news meanwhile Lil’ Bow Wow hit rock bottom with this shit. His net worth is 42 Mill so why he resort to this shit? I would expect that from Chingy or Lloyd

  • Midsize Jerm

    This is good news…now he can’t waste guest spots on the show….or can he? Greelight 35 coming out soon…Weezy gave him the greenlight and son just ran with it…ran so far he forgot to release an album…keep chasing that dream Bow-Wow, someday the world will heard Underrated…or at least a few bored hip-hop heads…keep chasing it dawg…

  • lmao i no this is not where he expected to b..

  • ayyeee

    I see that weezy gon stop giving bow wow allowance.. congrats bow wow

  • Black Shady

    Damn…Birdman….see what you did????? Killed this nigga’s career and now he’s a host on a teen tv show lmao

  • hum….Rapping + hosting a show ? why not ? Dude is only 25 after all…

    Video Interview Kendrick Lamar : he says that there is no big name producers on his debut album…

  • @midsize jerm
    He hit rock bottom?
    Who the fuck are you?

  • anoymous

    While Rosci and Terrence doing better things, Shad Moss has hit rock bottom…. Sad… Oh well he has to start somewhere…. Sad, Sad, Sad. Farewell 106 and Proverty…. The reason why i said that, i will guarantee this show is not going to last another year…. I will guarantee that…

  • anoymous

    Also, i guess he finally realized that his so-called rap career is over so i guess he has no choice but to start somewhere… he prob was hungry, and desperate, a 25 year old man hosting with a bunch of teenagers.. Anyhow, Wishing him all the best….

  • Fernando

    when the music ain’t workin, QUICK LET’S GET ON TV!

  • Musikal

    106 & Park nobody watches this anymore at least I don’t. Never thought that I would see a rapper hosting it. Most not be making enough money with YMCMB.

  • CWeezy

    Congrats to the new host! 1st move is to get the KC Gift on 106 & Park!! Lets go people!!!!

  • biggDaKidd

    Never been a Bow Wow fan, but always see this nigga getting money from any angle possible.The show hasn’t been the same since aj & free left, just a dying platform that b.e.t. is just milking dry because of lack of original programing that has stunted its growth in keeping viewers tuned in. Get ya money Bow, this show will be cancelled within a year.

  • dodo

    gonna be weird interviewing your ymcmb friends about their upcoming albums…



  • Donn

    106&Park gets millions of viewers every show, I don’t watch it but to say nobody watches it cus u don’t is ignorant. We get it, u think Bow is wack and wish him nothing failure for him and his children, good for u, I’m just happy to see the brother doing anything but talking suicide and giving up, push on lil homie

  • mac DIESEL


    ……………HA!!!! 106 & PEANUT!!!!


  • I ain’t mad at him

  • Dodcertified

    Yall tripping hosting is not rock bottom it makes it were u see this nigga everyday and when teens see something everyday what they do support that shit y’all thought he was getting movie money this boy bout to pull some shit on y’all watch and see so stop hating on your own people getting that money

  • @gtfomike

    Lmao, that’s interesting. Let’s see what’s gonna happen to him 6 months from now.

  • Christine

    106&Park is just too crowded honestly! I think two people are just better. They need that chemistry where people think there’s more going on like with AJ and Free and Terrence and Rocsi combinations. I really don’t get why Bow Wow is on here. EVery1 else on that stage had to fight to win the spot. I originally wanted Kevin Thompson and Paigon but now I really like Shorty and think he’s cute and not cocky like I assumed. I think it should just be him an Paigon! Ms.Mykie has a cool personality but reminds me too much of Free and Free is a legend of 106&Park and will never be topped and nobody wants a look a like. Bow Wow, I can’t stand. I don’t know what girls see in him. He’s soo short and scrawny it’s ridiculous. Is his career plummeting that bad that he has to steal this opportunity from sum1 else who didn’t already have a platform? I bet B.E.T already had their finalists picked out and just made everyone feel like their opinions actually mattered. This 4 people thing is stupid, please get rid of two people. There will literally be no room on stage when artists and groups do appearances.