E-40 The Block Brochure: 4, 5 & 6 Release Date

E-40 is dropping albums like they’re about to go out of style. During his entrance at the Hip-Hop Awards, he tells HHW that the follow up to his triple The Block Brochure will drop on March 26.

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  • E-40 is the anti Jay electronica ! Ha !

    B.O.B interview in Paris : http://leblacketlaplume.com/2012/09/25/video-b-o-b-interview/

  • man

    lmao no one really plays this dudes music and they announce his march 26th release date?!?!/!!?!?

    not even major artists announce dates that early

  • Fuck A Republican

    Anybody that hates on E-40 is either young, lame or doesn’t understand. He’s a legend hands down. And when your independent and understand the game you can drop albums anytime you want to.

  • Krazy_one


    U right.. nobody listens to his music cause they just like yo game goofy ass.. Its some real ones that still listen to his shit tho.. Real recognize real

  • ADS


    E-40 is the rawest rapper

  • acidrap

    Damn,fonzarelli’s fat ass must just stay in the studio all day! He still drops good shit when he aint on those simple ass kid hyphy beats.I luv em on that ole ant banks g funk shit. and fuck u weak ass niggas that think otherwise,yall cant tell me shit.

  • G

    Real spill. All you hater ass niggas can eat a dick. The water is the best that ever did it and got away with it. You Betta ask somebody!