New Music: Big Boi x Kelly Rowland “Mama Told Me”

Mama knows best. And she probably would think this is groovy. With a touch of Ms. Rowland, Big Boi releases his latest off Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumors. Album drops November 13.



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  • imperial85

    I fuck with it

  • herbsaac

    Deeeeeamn how this dudes last CD didnt sell more is a shame and disgrace to the game.. even time magazine credited it as top ten album of the year the year it came out.. Of all muisc not just raps.. This is timeless music.. Not music for the time.. This is how you make and create art.. Dope.

  • Real Talk.


    And why are you mad they didn’t rank you #1 YN? Your nepotism is too obvious. A lotta bias on this site and its too damn obvious. The fact that you’re cool with a lotta rappers does not make you a great journalist. A great journalist imo can have favs and still not cross lines. Now I don’t know much about the ethics of journalism but you people deem everything rick ross does as good and ride Jay-Z’s dick like a brand new ferrari. (Not saying the aboved mentioned are wack) but its ridiculous how you go out your way to promote certain people and hate hardly on others. Plus you don’t have to pick sides in “beefs”. But yall always do. Realize that it’s not all about the rappers you like, its not all about the rappers you believe are good. It’s about all rappers and the fans are who you cater to. So if a Wayne fan follows you on twitter and always see you throw slugs/sneak disses at him, if an A banks fan comes up here and always see yall talking down on her shit? Do you suppose this will be a site of their choice? I’m not saying don’t critique but I feel like there should be a line. Yall do it too much. You don’t see CNN journalists telling their viewers to vote for Obama nor Romney. I like this blog a lot and I come up here Daily. But I don’t believe it’s the best blog nor number one. It could be but as at now def not. Don’t be salty peeps didn’t rank you son. Ask yourself what could’ve hindered you from gettin it. Call it a blackout from a troll. *shrug*

    On a more related note. This joint is nice. Album looking good so far.

  • MJ

    What happened to Little Dragon on the track? Still fire tho. Two thumbs

  • the brain trust

    Dope ass song.

    Sweet hook, bridge & verses over A1 production. My typa shit.

  • Darkwing

    Vicious Lies And Dangerous Rumors Album of the year This is how Music Supposed to Sound !!! Congrats Daddy Fat Saxxx!!!

  • kayandgee

    this will do well like the sound, kelly sounds sweeet too

  • Mike smiff

    Ok A town… Let’s switch it up… We got TI and Big Boi on deck… The ATL legend continues… Dirty Souf where y’all at?

  • tito lopez is legit

    this is expectedly good



  • Jus10

    Keeping it real… I like the live version better, but this is still awesome!

  • Peekay


  • Wait til yall hear the album intro & track “tha A” …epic

  • M.T


  • yo

    what the fuck happened to little dragon being on this joint? fucking record labels man.

  • Ryuk

    Crossover. Knees slam together.

  • Converse


  • That Guy

    what a nice piece. BOG BOAH!

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