• M.T

    this was nice. might have to give this album a listen.

  • JustMyOpinion

    Is it safe to say; this dude is putting R&B in a place where it needs to be?

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  • twin

    He gay

  • @twin I see u got the plague too huh? The everybody is gay plague.how can that be the 1st thing u say? Any I like Miguel’s Music since he came ou !He’s a grunge Ushdr to me

  • daffysci

    His album is dope check it out

  • lol dude has a fine woman, if he was gay before, he definitely ain’t no more

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Nazanin Mandi is sexy the dude Miguel is doing his thing when it comes to the music.

  • Nathaniel

    do you like……………………….. what? …drugs? hugs? love? i can’t understand what the hell he sayin

    song sounded cool though lol

  • Propa feat. Mz. Malz, BLAC, KD Da Beast, J-Silva & Wonder Woman

    “Black Rum & Coke (Remix)”

  • ayyeee

    I going to give his album a listen. I really like that adorn joint tho