• kendrick lamar

    dope!! k dont ur gonna be the next pac. u shuld rap over one of tyhese this is totally ur style. i follow him on twitter. http://www.soundcloud.com/love_at_first_sound/beats

  • koO

    what’s he saying be4 the song itself starts?

  • Jaymalls

    Next Pac??? Ha… You west coast dock Ryders are delusional! It’s sad that Pac, Snoop, and Dre are the only greats you guys got!

  • This shit is hot son!!! This that 600 Degreez Shit!!!

  • SwishasNKush

    I like Kendrick but… Slim Thug,Paul Wall & Delo STRAIGHT KILLED this beat. 100x better and they actually put that little voice sample that says “drank” to good use. Drank is Lean… Not alcohol. ‘PO UP!

  • 82 baby…90’s teen

    pac repp’d the west but he was def east even if he didnt like it…Just listen to the way he said new york.

    kendrick more of a spitter…pac wasnt as witty with words but could write a real song that moved people.

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