• ECU

    Not new its from see my tears

  • Relly

    fux with MGK, he’s one of da realest dudes out here.

  • yaysayer

    why do so many people use pre writtens as freestyles?

  • Midsize Jerm

    @yaysayer Because it’s industry standard, so new artists see no reason to revert to old ways. If you can write one verse and use it a few times, why not? (is the thinking behind it). The art of true free-styling has all but died out in mainstream rap; instead they care about a smoother product for better promotion. Sway isn’t asking them to come off the top, so they don’t. Are these rappers lazy? Maybe, but they are just doing what is normal, and for that I blame popular media for overlooking the art of free-styling, which is truly the heart of rap.


  • steezplati

    theres mc,s that still go off the top

  • mike24

    it’s not a freestyle he clearly says, let me spit a verse off the album for you.